Dienstag, 23. April 2013

my spring make up

spring is finally here and makes me want to wear bright colors all day long and somehow i really love putting on make up when the sun is shining and its more likely that somebody is actually seeing me wearing my spring make up. so i'm gonna to show you which products i use to get my face spring ready.

on my face i'm loving rimmels wake me up foundation because it feels really light on my skin and gives me great coverage. right now, i prefer a beauty blender kind of sponge to put in on my face. i only use about one or two pumps of it and i'm totally good to go. to cover any blemishes or under eye circles, i use the wake me up concealer with it because it is really moisturizing and doesn't crease around my eyes and actually makes me look really awake. my stay matte powder by rimmel helps me to prevent any shine on my face.

to contour my face i still use the nars laguna bronzer out of my bronzer and blush duo (orgasm and laguna). i contour my nose, left and right side of it, to make it look slimmer and off course my cheek bones. right now, i'm loving the p2 summer attack blush in sunset twinkle. it is a peachy, bronzy shade which makes my face look really tanned. also peachy blush makes everyone look younger and more awake. fun fact one of the ladies at mac told me once and i'm still mad that i didn't got the blush she used on me.

i have no idea how many times i mentioned that i love using neutrals on my eyes and thats why i totally got my money out of the naked palette i got last fall and i will get the naked 2 and naked basic palette as soon as i can. anyway, i use buck on my whole lid and blend it out in the outer corner. it is a really pretty matte brown color which matches my skin tone very well. virgin is a shimmery ivory color and i use it to highlight my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye to make it look bigger.

i'm a massive fan of winged black liner and i use the maybelline gel liner to give myself a nice eye liner and i love how it looks, just to let you know, it was something tanya burr recommended...and i love it. on my lashes i use the falsies by maybelline and the they're real mascara by benefit. i mentioned both in my last post. basically those products make my eyes look big and beautiful.

and here we go again, the beautiful candy yum yum by mac. my spring favourite. this one will add the springy brightness to my face and i love how it can be built up from a light to hot pink. i'm just so glad that i got this lipstick and i love how the bright pink makes my face look really tanned. if you want to see a swatch, i did a post about candy yum yum and russian red a while ago and swatched it.( here )

so, that are my current favourite make up items for a spring look. i wasn't sure about making a picture of me with the make up done so i didn't make one. i hope you like the post anyway. i would love to know which make up items you like to use in the spring time. 

by the way; i just reached a total of over 100 followers which is so amazing and i really can't believe it. when i started blogging at the end of december 2012 i never i thought i would reach 100 followers in this short ammount of time. so thank you guys. i hope i can do a give away soon to give something back to you.



  1. I love the Naked Palettes, they have beautiful colours for spring! xxx

    Maddy from http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I really want a naked pallette, but it's always sold out in store! The colours are so flattering on everyone :)


  3. I can't wait for the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation to be in the US because I feel like it would be the perfect foundation for me.

  4. You seriously take such amazing pictures! It's a delight for my eyes haha.
    All the products you mentioned here are actually on my wish list.

  5. You have beautiful photography! Really inspiring for me :D
    I love the Naked palette and the Stay Matte powder! Ahhhhmazing xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Love the MAC lippy colour very pretty :) I also use the False Lashes its amazing my best mascara to date xx

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  7. Such a gorgeous post! love your photos! I really want the NARS bronzer!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm now a follower of yours. I hope you'll follow back :)



  8. Hi honey!! I've just found your blog and I love it!!
    This post is so original and cool, i like it very much :) Lovely photos
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  9. I love the rimmel stay matte powder ! Their wake me up range finally arrived to Canada, would you recommend the foundation for combo skin type?


  10. ohh ich will die naked palette auch noch. ich lieeebe nudetöne auf den augen. weißt du zufällig, ob es die palette auch bei uns und vor allem etwas billiger gibt? oder kennst du eine billigere alternative?


  11. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog, I think everyone can rock s crop top. Throw on a high waist skirt and a big jacket and you're done
    I love the colour of your lipstick, plus the neutral eyeshadow idea is a good one I might try it to look a bit fresher this spring.

  12. The mac lipstick looks lovely, just the kind of shade I normally go for! x

  13. I am in love with how you take photos! New follower here! <3 x


  14. I love that shade of colour by Essie.

    Cheers, Kelsey.


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