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they’re real mascara; 24,95€
mascara seems to be something i can’t leave the house without and was actually the first make up item i’ve ever bought for myself because big eyes and long lashes was always something i loved and, off course, still love. today, i will show you my top mascaras. the ones that work best for me and make my lashes look awesome all day long.
the benefit “they’re real” mascara came around a few months ago and i’ve never tried any benefit products but everyone in the blogger and youtube community raved about this product and so i got it eventhough its a highstreet product. it is a plastic brush and has lots of little bristles around them. even some on the very top which makes grapping the bottom lashes very, very easy. when i first tried it i loved the way my lashes looked like. really black, really long and not sticked together but it made my lashes feel very stiff and it somehow smuged very easily. after not using it for a while i tried it again and loved it. the lashes look awesome and somehow it stopped smuging. my eyes look very big when i use it and the stiffness turned out to be great because durring the day, the mascara won’t get off and the lashes look beautiful all day long.
  lash queen feline black; 27,95€

helena rubinstein is a brand that somehow not many people know. maybe because most of their make up items are really pricey. the lash queen feline black mascara was the first highstreet mascara i got and i bought it over and over again. the brush looks very simple but the effect on the lashes i awesome. i feel like it seperates every single lash and adds alot of volume to them. it makes the lashes wing out at the outer corner of the eye and never ever smuged or made all the lashes stick together. i always recommended the mascara to all my friends and the ones who got it use it daily. its worth the money and worth having a look at. my favourite mascara for years now.
 the falsies black drama; around 9€
the first mascara i got was a maybelline one because i loved the tv commercials. haha, silly young teenage me. somehow i stopped having a look at the maybelline counters and kinda forgot about their mascaras. i love watching tanya burr on youtube and when she raved about this mascara i really wanted to get it. everything tanya burr raved about was an awesome product. the maybelline falsies black drama mascara is not expensive at all and works so great. the lashes are black, and look almost fake and just perfect. i’ve never had a drugstore mascara that worked so good. its so worth trying it.

excuse me for my little lack of posts over the week end. i went to the baltic for a windsurfing week end and it was awesome. i just got back and i’m so exhausted. windsurfing is just so hard but so much fun. i hope you guys are fine. i would love to know what your favourite mascara is. i love trying new ones.
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