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i love spring time for its bright colors and i feel like wearing bright lipstick is way more fun in spring and summer and i love wearing bright lips. mac products are high quality and brilliant and, sadly, more on the pricey side. for me picking up a good quality lipstick is a must when it comes to bright lips. nobody wants fading colors and smudging lipstick everywhere. so i was a bit naughty and picked up two mac lipsticks and it was such a struggle. first of all i struggled for a month, like if its right to pick up two pricey lipsticks and when i finally decided to get them i didn’t went to the mac i usually go to and in the two places i went to in the first place hadn’t the lipsticks i wanted in stock. just to let you now, it were the biggest and most luxury kinda warehouse in berlin and a huge high end make up store. so i called “my” mac store and, off course, they had them. so i went 20 minutes, which isn’t much for berlin, cross town with my car and the train and got them and was soooo happy.
 macs russian red; 19€
macs russian red. the perfect red. i got it for a friend of mine and gave it to her for christmas and she loves it and i did too. whenever she wears it, she just has the perfect red lips and she gets so many compliments on it. i wear alot of red lipstick and so i thought it was time to get it for myself. its a matte red which i personally find awesome. red lips look more noble and chic when the lipstick is matte. russian red is the perfect rich red and i will get so much use out of it. i got it on saturday and basically wore it everyday since then.  if you wear alot of red lipstick russian red is something for you to check out and might get.
 macs candy yum yum; 19€
this color is so in style right now and i feel everyone is raving about it and bubble gum pink is something i love to wear on night outs and in spring and summer time. candy yum yum is the perfect bubble gum pink and is also a matte lipstick. it really makes my skin look more tanned, which is lovely, and i just love the color. the friend i went shopping with totally fell in love with it and forced me to get it. to me its the perfect pink and i love it soooo much. i would suggest to put it on once and see if you like it because its really pink, like really.

i swatched the colors and as you can see, both are very, very pigmented and really matte. to me, mac lipsticks are just the perfect lipstick. very pigmented, long lasting, awesome colors and they actually smell really good which is a great plus. the only thing that is not as good about them is the price tag. thats why i give them a total from nine points out of ten. but i love them and they are my favourite lipsticks ever. so, i hope you liked my new lipsticks and i would love to know if you own them or what your favourite mac lipsticks are. hope you enjoy it and have a great day.

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