Donnerstag, 4. April 2013

denmark diaries #4

first off all, i'm so sorry that i wasn't able to post yesterday. we had a family trip and got back really late and i went straight to bed. so i hope you don't mind that. you know me, i'm a shopaholic and i did some shopping while i was in denmark and i'm about to show you the items i picked up. i won't list the prices because the currency in denmark is danish kroner and i always kinda calculate what it would be in euros but its, off course, not the real price. none of the items were really expensive and i hope you don't mind. anyway, i got this jacket for spring and i wanted to get one like this for a while. i love the combination of a simple parker/army jacket with faux leather sleeves. it doesn't keep me that warm but as long as the sun is shining i'm fine in it and it is a jacket for the spring time or kinda chilly evenings in the early summer, like when you want to take a jacket with you cause its too cold without a jacket after the sunset.i got this jacket in a store called "puls" and i love it. i always shop there when i'm in denmark.

i wear alot of black and monochrome because i think like wearing all bright colors and flower print don't suit me but it is spring time and neon is huge the upcomming season. thats why i picked up a bright pink scarf to add a pop of color to my black and monochrome outfits. its so soft and just a big but light which i really, really love. i feel like neon is only pretty if its added in like small amounts. a neon or bright scarf or statement necklace. thats how i rock the neon trend thats how i really like it. i also got it in puls.

i love my shirts and blouses with a collar and thats why this one just catched my eye when i was walking into a store called "mapp". i love the army green color and its really, really pretty on. long enough to wear it with leggings and just really like swingy and swishy. there is an extra layer of fabric on the back which is pleated and, to me, its just a lovely detail to it. what i really loved about this shirt are the huge sleeves that get tight around the wrist and just look really beatiful on. its one of the most beautiful shirts i've ever bought. i would have looked so beautiful with an army styled like blazer that i saw in gintricot yesterday. it was on sale but i somehow didn't picked it up. well, if its not ment to be...
the last item i picked up are these shoes. i love studded clothing pieces and thats why these simple black shoes with gold studds all over them just screamed my name when i went into puls. i tried them on and they are really comfy to walk in and i feel like they are the perfect everyday shoes and i will probably wear them as much as my beloved primark biker boots and my simple black chelseas. the only thing that wasn't as amazing about my new shoes were the fact that they were rubbing my feet and i have blisters now. but thats just the bad thing about new shoes in general.

thats everything i picked up and since today is my last full day here those pieces will be my only ones to take home with me. so a big thank you to my granddad who have me some money for easter so i could effort all this stuff. as you know, i'm getting a new topshop purse and i'm really , reaaaaally excited about it. you guys helped me decide which one i sould get and again, thank you guys so much for helping me out.

so i guess thats it for today and my next post will go up when i'm back home. i hope you have a lovely day and i love you lots and now i'm off for some jogging and some ben and jerry's afterwards...thats how i roll.


  1. I totally love those shoes! I've wanted some studded boots for ages! X

  2. I adore the shoes and jacket, these are so beautiful ! I've never been to Denmark but I'd love to ! I can see some snow, wow, it's all so weird to me since it's April and here it's really starting to get warm lol !

    Have a lovely day !
    Charlie xx

  3. Shoes are amazing x

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  4. Beautiful purchases, love the way you presented them, great idea! Great scenery!

    Feel free to check-out my blog and if you like, follow me on GFC, I'll follow you back :)

  5. They definitely don't. Thank you for your lovely comment sweetie, have a fantastic day !

    Charlie xx

  6. Omg I just came across your blog I don't remember how I got here but you are so adorable. Haha I love your blog! And I've wanted a jacket like that forever but I haven't been able to find one in the US!

  7. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog!
    And wow! I looove those shoes! Studded boots are my favourite but I always worry that they are too edgy for me to pull off - maybe one day I will branch out and try them!


  8. Thank you for the comment on my blog ! Those shoes are amazing , I love studs :)

    Im a new follower x

    Beautiful Dreams

  9. ahh that jacket & scarf look really nice! that scarf is perfect for spring, why is there no pulse in the netherlands :( x


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