Dienstag, 2. April 2013

denmark diaries #3

i decided to show you something more beauty related since my last posts basically were denmark pictures and some happy texting. so, off course i take make up with me but since i'm out in the sun or at the beach alot its just some basic makeup items. i keep them in my little primark bag which was just a few euros.

off course i need my brushes with me. most of them i hauled in my last drugstore haul. my beauty blender dupe is my favourite beauty item lately and does such a wonderful job. i also have my big powder, my blending and my eyeliner brush with me to do my makeup. those brushes are basically the ones i really need with me and i'm fine.

for my face, i have the wake me up foundation and concealer with me. perfect for a natural face and gives enough coverage. i love them together with the stay matte powder. they give me a perfect feeling about my skin and the wake me up foundation is just the best drugstore foundation ever. it lasts me all day and makes me really look awake and fresh. the powder and concealer give the perfect finish.

the nars blush and bronzer duo in orgasm and laguna was one of the best makeup investments i ever did. laguna is perfect for contouring and orgasm looks so good on. right now i prefer the p2 summer attack blush. its a very peachy shade and those blushes make everyone look more awake and fresh. for highlighting i use the prime and fine powder by catrice. it just does the job really, really good and i love it on my face.

for my eyes i have my new catrice nude palette with me. its really small so i can put in my makeup bag without taking to much room. for my winged eyeliner i have my maybelline gel eyeliner and i black eyeliner pen with me and my favourite mascaras the falsies by maybelline and the they're real by benefit. just some simple tools which really do the job.

for my lips i only have a simple p2 nude lipstick, my bright mac "so chaude" and my baby lips lipbalm with me. just the perfect mix. i'm only on vacation to relax. i don't need lots of lipsticks or eyeshadows for something like night outs so i'm good to go with the basics i brought

hope you guys enjoyed the more beauty post about my travel makeup. i'm really tired today after my mom and i had a lovely day in a little danish town and i'm ready for bed right now. i was basically walking around all day wether it was in town or at the beach. 



  1. your blog looks great- want to follow eachother? please check out our newest post and feel free to leave a comment xx

  2. Love the nars stuff very pretty colours and I also use the lace mascara it gives super volume and much wanted thickness its my fav mascara :D x


  3. was für schöne bilder!!
    liebste grüße u hab einen tollen tag.
    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  4. the wake me up foundation and concealer are some of my favorite products! x



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