denmark diaries #2

i can’t believe how sunny it is and how warm it gets in the sun. since its not that windy it is warm enough to sit in the sun without a jacket and thats what i basically did all day. my face is full of freckles now which i find really lovely. i don’t know why riding my bike to the little coffee place and back again, being in the sun or at the beach all day makes me feel so sleepy. the pictures i took today really show how sunny it was today and it still is. i feel a little sorry for all my friends in berlin who struggle with grey skies and a freezing cold climate but at the same time i’m so glad that my skin is touched by some sunshine and my mood is on its top. tomorrow, my mom and i are going to have a little trip to some shopping places and it will be really lovely. i hope you guys are fine and i really hope you have some sunshine where you live and i hope you like the pictures i took. i love you.

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