Samstag, 27. April 2013

april favourites

the month of april is nearly over which means its time for my favourite products. i haven't done a favourites post in a while because there wasn't much to show to you and i honestly haven't had enough time to test new beauty items. march and april had been really stressful to me but now i had more time to really do what i love; testing new beauty items and here are my favourites.

 l'oréal face cleanser/water; 2,45€

my skin has been really bad in the beginning of april. maybe because i didn't focus on my skin care routine at all. when i wanted to step up my skin care routine, i came across this face cleanser or face water by l'oréal paris. it is for dry and sensitive skin and should cleanse the skin and give it a better look. first of all, the smell is really nice. really fresh and light. i use it after i took of my make up and before i moisturize. it takes of any dirt or make up that i still have on my skin and makes my skin feel and look really fresh and just clean. including this into my skin care routine helped my skin alot. i don't have any spots or blemishes anymore and just a better skin.

 face cream for combination skin; around 3€

this face cream was also part of stepping up my skin care routine. its basically a simple face cream for combination skin. it also smells really fresh and clean and gives my skin exactly what it needs. it doesn't over moisturize my skin, so it doens't get oily but it still gives me enough moisture to make my skin feel really, really good and really helped me to help my skin. i also like the packaging. glass packaging is just my favourite.

 p2 summer attack blush; 3,45€

i mentioned this blush in a few other posts but i just love it. the p2 summer attack blush in sunset twinkle is just my favourite to use. it is a peachy bronzy tone without shimmer and when it is applied to the cheeks, it makes me look tanned and peachy blush i known to make the face look younger. it also looks really lovely on my skin tone and compliments my eye color alot.

essie nailpolish; 7,95€

essies mint candy apple was always a color that i wanted to get my hands on and then i got it for easter. it is the perfect pastely, milky green color and i wear it on my nails all the time. only looking at the picture again, makes me want to paint my nails with it.

 beauty blender dupe; 3,45€

the beauty blender has been around for a while now and alot of people raved about it but i didn't want to spend 16$ on a make up sponge and was so happy when i found a dupe in the drugstore. i use it a little wet to apply my make up and it blends it so well and really makes it more look like skin, if that makes any sense. it works alot better then any make up brush i've ever used and doesn't really get that dirty. because of its size it is perfect fot travelling and for me something i can't do my make up without.

 wake me up concealer; 7,21€ (via asos)

when i ordered the wake me up foundation i only got the concealer because it was from the same range but i wasn't really all about it at first. when my erase paste started creasing and looked really nasty sometimes i pulled it out and started using it...and i fell in love. it does't crease at all, covers up dark circles and makes me look awake. just as good as the foundation.

mac lipsticks; 19€ each

these two are just my new babies. i have no idea how much i talked about them on my blog. macs candy yum yum and russian red are just me go to lipsticks at the moment and i wear one of them almost everyday. i wrote an entire blog post about them ( here ) and even looking at them makes me so happy. mac lipsticks are just my favourites and i will keep buying them.

so, i hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites and i would love to know what products you loved using this month. i hope you have a lovely week end. love you.



  1. You really take creative photos! <3 I love Russian Red, too! I don't have the guts to wear CYY though haha


  2. Love all these things! The lipsticks are so beautiful! xxx

    Maddy from

  3. Which drug store did you find the beauty blender dupe in, I'm desperate to pick one up!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  4. Nice photos! I love that essie polish

  5. Really loving the MAC lipstick colours they look super pretty going to invest in these gorgeous shades x

  6. I just love your pictures so much! I really enjoy reading each of your post :)

    x, Elise.

  7. I recently got an off brand beauty blender and I can't go back to a brush! It's the most amazing thing I have ever discovered.

  8. Great post. I love the way everything was photographed, it looks so pretty. What do you think about following each other's blogs?

  9. I just bought candy yum yum and I love it, also been debating over a beauty blender but think I might try a cheaper one and see if I like it :)

  10. I have wanted candy yum yum for ages, it is such a gorgeous colour! nice favourites post lovely :)

    B xx

  11. I love how you look the pictures in flowers!! so springy! The mac lipsticks look like great colors :) xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

  12. I love your blog, layout and post.
    I just found it and I am in love!
    Keep going and making lovely posts!

  13. Hey thanks for visiting my blog :) I am in love with your blog and I'm following you on bloglovin now :D
    Oh, and I want those mac lipsticks so badly!! <3

  14. Liking the sound of the cleansing water. I ran out of Bioderma and looking for an alternative.



  15. Oh the MAC lipsticks are just perfect, they have such lovely colours and these are so nice!


  16. I love my little makeup sponge but I did spend like 14 bucks on it so I wish I had known there was a drugstore version!

  17. That Essie nail polish and the Mac lipsticks look gorgeous! x Laura

  18. Love your favourites & the way you take your pics is so pretty!Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog (: x

  19. Amazing shots! I love it, and your sidebar picture is so so lovely and pretty :)

    xo Sarah,

  20. The Mac lipsticks both look like such gorgeous colours x

  21. Just found your blog and I literally love it - instant follow! :) Plus, I love that rimmel concealer too!

  22. Your photos are gorgeous your blog is soo pretty! Candy yum yum looks so nice its so hard to get hold of in london! x


  23. Love these pictures, they're beautiful! Those lipsticks have an amazing colour!

    x Sam

  24. Really keen on trying that concealer! Russian Red is also on my birthday wishlist that I've recently posted about! :) beautiful blog! X

  25. That MAC candy yum yum looks amazing! Defiantly have to go to Mac soon!! Great blog i followed you :)

  26. I love the essie nailpolish :p the color is very pretty !
    And I want to get one of the mac lipstick !!! :DD

    xoxo ♥

  27. I love that you take so many photos outside!



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