the versatile blogger award

i was so excited when i found out that a lovely lady nominated me for this award eventhough i was absent for a while. the second award for my tiny blog baby and i’m so proud. andini ria‘s blog is actually one of my favourites to read. she is such a gorgeous lady and has an amazing taste in fashion. so thank you for nominating me, and you guys should go and check out her blog.

the rules:
1. nominate some other bloggers
2. let them know you have nominated them
3. share 7 random facts about you
4. thank the blogger who has nominated you
5. add the versatile blogger award to your post

i nominate:

the girl holdin daisies



7 random facts about me:

1. i’m not able to do my nails
2. once a deer jumped right into my car but somehow nothing happend to
both of us
3. i start crying when i’m too cold
4. i love being on music festivals and open air concerts
5. tulips are my favourite flowers
6. my little sister is six years younger than i am but she is as tall as i am…which
means i’m little
7. i’m really shy sometimes

thats it for today and as you might now gfc is shutting down so follow me on bloglovin if you haven’t already. love you guys.

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