someday summary

i thought it was spring already but then it started snowing for days and now i’m back into winter wonderland. at least its getting a little warmer and the sun has been shining bright for the last days. perfect shooting weather with my favourite headband and i was pretty pleased with the result. it wasn’t that cold though. i’ve been enjoying my spring break so far eventhough its not really like spring. i was out for a few drinks with friends and finally got to see lés miserablés which was quite amazing. i cried over and over again. the story is so sad but beautiful. the male actors for jean valjean and javert disappointed me alot. their voices weren’t as good and compared to the musical actors it was quite bad but i’ve enjoyed it anyways. oh, and i will be off to denmark next saturday which always excites me. can’t wait for the ocean. hope you have a lovely sunday.

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