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if i’m having a tough and hard day and i’m totally stressed out a long bath always relaxes me and makes me forget the stress i’ve just been trough. school takes over all the free time that i have besides actual school and the sports that i do, so i need alot of long relaxing baths. lush definetly creates the best bath additives ever. since i got my mom alot of their products for christmas shes as hooked as i am and we went to lush this weekend when we had a fun family shopping day and i picked up a few bath ballistic and one bubble bar.

♥ sunny side bubble bar; 6,45€ 

thd gold sparkles totally catched my eye when i was walking into lush and the smell is amazing. just like lemons and sweet orange which i really love. it is supposed to, off course, create lots of beautiful bubbles in your bath but it also makes the bubbles shimmery and turns the water shimmery and golden. eventhough the glitter was all over my canon when i took pictures of it, i can’t wait to use it plus i it can be used twice. 

♥ twilight ballistic; 5,45€ 

my mom actually picked this one for me cause she knows about my stressfull weeks and this bath ballistic has ylang ylang and lavender in it and both are really calming and relaxing. it says the water will turn from pink to a dark indigo which sounds really lovely and i will keep this one for a really, really stressfull day and then enjoy my calming bath with this one.

♥ dragon’s egg ballistic; 5,45€ 

i’m so sad my dragons egg broke. i was soooo excited to try it cause the fresh smell like fresh lemons made me fall in love with it. eventhough it was broken it worked perfectly fine and tuned my last nights bath into paradise. the fresh smell throughout the whole bath time and it turned the water white at first and then started with orange and golden glittery swirls which looked so beautiful. plus all those colorful kinda flakes that make those funny crackleing sounds. my skin felt so soft after it and i really love the dragons egg.

♥ fizzbanger ballistic; 5,45€ 

apples and cinnamon are the perfect match and i love the smell of them. the fizzbanger smells so like apples and cinnamon. its supposed to turn the water from blue and yellow swirls into a deep green. it should relax the muscles and give new power to stressed out bodies like mine. i’m soo excited to use this one really soon.

thats pretty much it from lush and i love how my whole bathroom smells like a lush store. again, i’m so sorry that i’m really poopy in keeping up with my blog lately but theres no time. the last week of school is soo stressfull but next monday is my big presentation and after that i will hopefully have more time for blogging. hope you don’t mind and theres another primark and ebay haul coming up. i love you guys.

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