Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

it's about the bag

  handbag via topshop; 49€

handbag via topshop; 52€

i've never been the handbag kinda girl, like i didn't spend my money on tons of handbags and i don't go crazy about them. somehow i only like good quality handbags which means investing in a great quality piece and i'm not good in saving up any money but lately i've been really annoyed by the few handbags that i own plus the cheaper ones that i use for school (not my longchamp bag) are pretty ruined after bringing them to school every day and i might invest into a pretty handbag that i can use daily without having to keep in mind that my school stuff has to fit in there aswell. the two topshop pieces above caught my eye when i was looking for some bags that i might like. i own a topshop wallet which was quite pricey but was so worth the money. it still looks like brandnew so i feel like topshop handbags are good to go for since i don't want to spend hundreds on a handbag.

i like the first one for its classy and chic look. the gold hardware looks so good on it and the bag would actually match my wallet really good. i also really like the short straps. on the topshop website it also seemed to be really roomey which is perfect for me. i carry alot of stuff around with me all day. 
the second one is really well known in the blogger community and i love it. the gold studds and beats are totally my style and i really love how it looks in general. the only thing i'm really sad about is its color. so sad they don't stock it in black anymore.

which one of the two bags do you like best? i just can't decide which one. both are so pretty and i really need you guys to tell me which one looks better.
i will be off to denmark on saturday but i will be able to blog when i'm there which means i will do a little denmark diary when i'm there...if you guys want me to. so, i hope you have a great night and for those who work: hopefully you have a day off tomorrow. love you lots.



  1. personally, I prefer the black one because it just seems more versatile and chic:) xx

  2. Personally I like the black one more! But I think it depends on if you wear more black or brown!

  3. I think that black one is better because although it has less detail, it has a lot of impact on the bag. I would love to see a diary, lots of phots I hope! xx

  4. Lovely post! You'll look awesome with these :D


    I want to live in L.A

  5. Next2nowt used to stock the aztec bag in black, that's where I found mine :) Might be worth keeping an eye out if they restock.


  6. I like both but the black one just wins for me ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog! xx

  7. thank you guys for helping me out. when my next paycheck comes in, must be in the next few days, i will order the black one. thank you. <3


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