Sonntag, 31. März 2013

denmark diaries #1

happy easter everyone. i hope you had a lovely day. i arrived at denmarks lovely coast yesterday and woke up this morning with the bright sun shining in my face. so happy that theres no snow and its really warm outside. it was nearly to warm in my jacket when my mom and i had a first little shopping tour after i had a lovely breakfast and getting my easter treats. my mom got me essies mint candy apple what really excites me. it looks so nice on. i also picked a few things up when my mom and i were out for our shopping tour but we are not done yet. there are way more shops to go to. the beach was so calm today. no wind, just some tiny waves. my sister and a friend of her, she nearly is like my sister...i know her for almost her whole life, where walking bare feed. so sweet. i just love this place. everyone has that one place that means something like peace and denmark means peace to me. the sneakers are a little sneak peak. i will show you a denmark haul. trust me. they have such cute stuff here. what are you up to? hopefully is not as cold where you are.



  1. this is beautiful, I love the pictures and the way you have written this post xx

  2. you look really pretty in the last few pictures :)

  3. It looks beautiful there!x

  4. Those easter bunnies are so cute (and delicious!)



  5. these photos are gorgeous! and look at all those chocolate bunnies! ;)

    Francesca xo

  6. You are stunning my dear. Your blogging is really amazing. I can't imagine where you'll be at in a year at this rate! And...great, you just made my crave chocolate bunnies! YUM! :)

    The Nautical Owl

  7. Your photographs are always so lovely! that nail varnish looks so pretty! xx

  8. Such a cute post! I love your blog its so gorgeous x


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