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Valentines Day

Valentines Day is tomorrow, as we all know cause everyone is blogging, vlogging and chatting about the day of the loved ones and even i,the one without a boyfriend and the one who never got anything for valentines day, jump on the train. but i will not write anything about any cute gift ideas or dating outfits becaue valentines day is the day of love right? and in my life there is another group of people that i love:


friends are the ones you surround yourself with for your own pleasure, the ones you share fun and sad moments with, who laugh with you and stand by your side when you're crying, the ones who stay with you when a relationship is about to end and no matter what, good friends, the real friends will tell you the truth and put a smile on your face, listen to the same stupid stories and worries over and over again. the ones you go to the ocean with for one entire weekend, you drink a beer with and laugh and talk about the same old stories and all the things you've been to together. the ones you come up with strange ideas like doing random motto parties and the ones who make everyday woth it. i love those people around me and yes, i truly love them and fall in love with them over and over again.

and then there are the best chumms. the girlfriends who spend hours in the drugstore with you and get up early in the summer break just to be the first ones at the new primark or the weekday sale, the ones who know you best and one of the best examples for true best chummy friendship are louise and zoe, the ones we all know and the ones were everyone knows, they love each other. and yes, one day i want to have such a best friend and one of my close friends and those who i call my best chumms will end up being the zoe or louise in my life. 
girlfriends are just needed in a girls life, for the chatty nights and lovely hugs, the way they always are behind you and if that certain girl is a bitch in your eyes, she will have trouble with your girlfriends also. be proud of your girlfriends and let them know that you are just a phone call away.

and then there is a certain group of friends: male friends. words like friendzone make alot of girls feeling bad about having a male friend whos close to them and i'm sure a boy and a girl could end up being good friends. i have male friends and they have girlfriends who i'm even closer with and theres no jealousy. my best male chumm and his brother and best friend made my boring days to turn out to be the best days ever and yes, me and my best friend talked about friendzoning and boy/girl friendships and we came to the conclusion that we really like each other and enjoy each others company but we just can't imagine to get closer than a hug and male friends are just awesome. trust me.

so for valentines day: what about making a friendsday out of it? show your friends how important they are to you, write them a sweet message, meet up with them for dinner and just surround yourself with the ones you love. this is my meaning of valentines day.
so tell me, what are the things you love about your friends? your best memories with them and what you think about valentines day as a friends day and now i come to you, my lovely ones. have a blessed day tomorrow, don't let yourself down because you don't have a boy or a girl to spend the day with,i'm here, as your friend,to cheer you up. 

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  1. Happy Valentines Day! :) I don't have a valentine so I'll probably make it a friendsday like you said! :) Thank-you this was such a lovely post! :) x Laura

  2. LOVE this post. Hope you have a lovely day xxx

  3. Danke für deinen lieben kommentar!
    Finde deinen Blog auch sehr schön♥
    alles liebe:)

  4. Agreed, celebrating the day of love with friends is just as apt! <3

  5. LOVE this post and love the last pic! <3

  6. Aaw, well I hope you enjoy the day whatever you do! xxx

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  8. so so adorable!!!

  9. Thanks for the love on my blog. I yanked your logo and am now featuring it on my blog. Perhaps we can follow each other? :)

  10. You go girl! Valentines isn't just for boyfriends & girlfriends. I hope you had an amazing time with your friends and loved ones, Elena!


  11. aaaaw love this post! i hope everyday is V-day, that way everyone tend to be nicer to anyone lol hope you had a great time! ^_^


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