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cleaning make up brushes, for me, is a really important part of my make up routine and yes, i do clean them every other day. especially foundation brushes get really nasty and dirty and i don't really want to work that dirt into my skin because it actually can cause spots and bad skin. cleaning brushes is as important to me as cleaning my face after the day. in this post i want to show you how i deep clean my brushes, kill all the bacterials on them and make them soft again to make sure you put on your make up with clean brushes to keep your skin clean too.

the soap i'm using is really important. i do not recomand using a gentle and mild soap because it will not get the dirt and the oil comming from the foundation out. i use an antibacterial dish soap because it gets out the oil and kills all the bacterials who sit on you make up brushes waiting to get into your skin. cleaning brushes with a gentle soap makes no sense to me because it doesn't get the to point. getting the brushes really, really clean.

to not dry out the bristles use extra virgin olive oil. it will smooth the bristles and moisturize them and they will feel like brand new. the soap only would dry them out and make them feel nasty and thats not what i want my brushes to be like. and want them clean and soft. olive oil really helps me with that.

get a kitchen towel or any towel that you want to use and your dirty brushes. you will also need a small plate. put the soap and the olive oil on it and make sure your hands are clean. so lets begin with deep cleaning.

get your dirty brushes, like my blending brush, and stick it into the soap and oil and kinda swirl it around so it touches the soap and the oil. your will see alot of the dirt comming out right on the plate. so when you have to clean alot of brushes clean up the plate when it looks to dirty and start with fresh soap and oil.

get the brush that just was in the soap and oil and swirl it around in your hand until you see the dirt comming out and now simly clean it under the water tap with cold water. this is actually the way brushes used for oil paintings get deep cleaned. to the same steps to all the brushes that need to be cleaned.

and now see the difference. left side are the dirty ones and left the deep cleaned ones. to let them dry i just lay them on the kitchen towel or any towel i want to use and let them dry over night and they feel and look like brand new. 
let me know if you tried out cleaning your brushes like i do or if you know better methods to do so. and still, i want to thank everyone whos supporting me blogging. i know, i don't have alot of time since finals are so close and that has bad effects on my blog to. my clicks decreased alot and i can't put as much afford in my blog as i want to. i'm sorry for that but i do my best for you guys.



  1. I'm so lazy when it comes to cleaning brushes, so bad. I'd never thought of using olive oil though, will have to try this. Looks like great results!

  2. i do this but they ever sem to dry completely! :/

    new blog post


  3. love this blog post and wow great banner! putting your button on my blog now :0

  4. I clean my brushes like this! Works everytime! xx

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  6. wow what an amazing purposes, simply loving them
    hope youll like my blog as i love your one!

    definitely keep like this and wish you the best. hope we can follow each other to stay in touch!


  7. Thank you for sharing this post, this is so helpful!


  8. Really cool post. I'm sure a lot of girls will find it very helpful!
    Would be amazing if you could visit my blog too! Maybe we could follow each other as well if you like? Let me know what you think :).

  9. Great Idea, I have never seen the combo of oil and soap it's usually on or the other.


  10. Yaaaay im going to try this when i get home! I wanted to purchase the Mac Cleanser but that can wait another week or so hehe! Thank You!

    Please Follow: =)

    Love Love Love your Blog! Following! X


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