can’t hold us

 fidi and lena

is there something better than spending a saturday night with friends? friends who live in another city like sam does. and yes,we had so much fun watching sinister again which wasn’t as scarry as the first time i watched it. and we laughed our ass’ off watching all those harlem shake videos all over youtube. well done joe and zoe, well done. and hell yes, we’re going to film one also. it will be up on my channel,so keep your yes peeled for that. the title of the post kinda gives away to what music we were up to this night. macklemore is a all time favourite. after eating disgusting vodka jello with waaaay to much vodka in it, as elisas face tells us, everyone just enjoyed being around good friends. so thank you domi for having us and because sam will leave soon: it was lovely hanging out with you again. sadly this is going to be th last night out in a while because my weekends are safed for studying now and the only thing i will do is studying and having pamper evenings. so i hope you liked me sharing my nights with friends with you for the first time and tell if you like to see more and i hope your week end was lovely too.

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