Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

25 random facts

this tag has been around on blogs i like to read the last couple weeks and when i felt really poorly at the beginnng of the week, i loved to read those blogposts cause somehow it cheered me up so much. so i decided to do that tag too. so here we go. oh, and if you did that tag or if you about to do it, please leave me your link down below. i'm just obsessed with this tag.

1. i'm afraid of high mountains. i don't understand how people like to spend their time in the alps or something
2. my mood often depends on the weather. if its sunny, i'm basically a happy girl
3. my favourite seasons are spring and fall because both are so colorful
4. i enjoy the quiet, just going out for a walk and let my minds flow
5. i hate going to the gym with friends, i rather work out on my own
6. when my laptop is not doing what i want or is to slow i get so mad, like really
7. i'm afraid of hairdressers
8. i love singing all the songs that come through my mind all day but i would not sing in front of anyone else
9. i can not stand people who lie. thats probaly the worst thing one can ever do
10. i'm soooo picky when i comes to food. my parents had a hard time with me

11. the us turned out to be a place that i love. maybe because of my wonderfull host family
12. sometimes the future scares me
13. i get obsessed with tv shows so easily. i've watched misfits in like 4 days
14. i can dance the whole soulja boy - crank that dance
15. fruit loops always remind me of my childhood 
16. i know every single drink at starbucks. i used to get all the starbucks drinks for free when i worked at a mall
17. i do horsebackriding since ever. i started when i was 4 years old and now own 2 horsies
18. when i was little i knew all the books my mum read to me by heart
19. i like summer alot but not in berlin. it gets soo humid and nasty
20. i would love to have a lucky little family one day. my biggest wish since i was a kid
21. i was part of the ensemble when les misérablés was in a theater in berlin, i was about 8 years old and had to sing in front of hundreds and i enjoyed it.
22. vietnamese food is my favourite food to eat
23. i see myself being a loving and caring mummy one day, cause i love to take care of everyone, keep everything looking nice and i love to cook and future husband might get a little fat. haha
24. i have a huge group of friends but only a few are my close ones that i have trust in
25. my heart belongs to the ocean. i love being in denmark and we go there at least once a year. all the pictures shown in the post are made in denmark



  1. This post is so sweet! I love those tags as well :) It's funny how many of your random facts also apply to me, I'm even a little afraid of the hairdresser! Love, Anna

  2. I loved reading this post! I wish I knew all the drinks at Starbucks! haha We don't even have one where I live. ANd I also really hate people who lie, it makes me so angry! The pictures in this post are SO pretty. You look gorgeous and the scenery is amazing :)
    xx, Siri

  3. Beautiful photos, Elena! OMG, we are like the same person, except I definitely can't dance to Soulja Boy. haha!


    1. PS. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! I am definitely following you back on bloglovin :)

    2. haha thats not a big deal. i will teach you how to dance it.
      you're too lovely victoria.

  4. Aw I adore the honesty in these (and these are lovely photos of you!)

    Lela -

  5. I love Vietnamese food! Yum!
    Really enjoyed reading this and getting to know more about you :)
    Beautiful photos too <3

  6. All your photos are so refreashing and I already love you blog!


  7. I love this so much!
    I'm so glad I found your blog :D
    You're drop dead gorgeous xx

  8. I used to do horse riding until the school shut down but I really want to start again!

    Rebekah x

  9. When my laptop is slow, I feel like throwing it at someone :P

    Steph // fun size beauty

  10. Love this random facts ;) nice blog.

  11. Been seeing so many of these posts, I want to do one aha:)x


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