someday summary

weekends used to give me rest and just take a deep breath and calm down from a busy week but in the next weeks my weekends will be filled with stuying and preparing my presentation for my finals, so i even wanted to enjoy my without-work-weekends to the fullest. actually i had some great ideas for shootings but it was so freezing, the two coolest days so far and i didn’t want to catch a cold, so i shoot a statement necklace collection instead which you guys will see very soon. basically the pictures above sum up what my weekend was like. really calm and freezing cold. i planned to cook some lunch out of jamie olivers “30 minute menues” which is amazing. the current weather situation forces me to wear everything comfy so i did with my favourite slouchy aztek sweater i got when i went to new york in fall. everytime i wear anything i bought there, which was alot, makes me miss my two amazing american sisters and i wish i could go back right now. what were you guys up to this weekend? i would love to know and is it so freezing cold where you live?
and again, thank you guys soooo much for your support and lovely heart warming comments. you cheer me up and make me want to hug everyone for hours. my precious 27 follower, which is pretty amazing, make me soooo proud. let me tell you, you are awesome. everyone who even clicked on my blog.

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