“so chaud” lips

( mac “so chaud” ; 19€)

there are so many, so pretty bright lipsticks out there so i couldn’t resist getting me a mac one when i stocked up my foundation at mac the last time.”so chaud” is a really bright orangy matte red. i love how smooth it is and it actually smells really good. a little like chocolate. hah. i wasn’t quite sure how i can rock the “bright lips” trend cause i never felt like it fits me but a few months ago i realized how pretty bright lips are. and “so chaud” is my favourite one. off course, macs high prices might stop one from buying something or even going inside a mac store  and i have to admit: once you buy a mac product you will get addicted to it, but you have to try. the quality is simply amazing and the color stays on a really long time. you don’t have to worry about your lipstick smudging while eating or drinking or accidently touching your lips. that won’t happen. i got my friend one in “russian red” for christmas and she absolutly loves it. mac might be an investment comparing to drugstore brands but its worth it.

mac’s “so chaude” on my lips today.

tell me if you like it.

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