Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

january wishlist

so many beautiful stuff i want to get. sometimes i wish i could buy everything but since i'm not really working right now i don't have much money to treat me with something nice. i want to be perfectly prepared for my final exams and working till night, as i did last year, doens't really fit with that. anyway, here's a wishlist for beauty products i really want to purchase in the next month or so.

♥ 1. photofinish foundation by catrice; 6,95€ 

catrice really is one of my favourite german drugstore brands since their products work prefectly fine without being a huge investment. this foundation is right at the top of my catrice withlist. it seems to be a full coverage foundation and i hope they have a light shade which fits my skin tone but really want to buy this one as soon as possible.

♥ 2. prime and fine smoothing refiner by catrice; 4,99€ 

i've been looking for a good and cheap face primer for ages and since catrice products are high quality for their prices i can't wait to try their primer. its oil free and should give a smoother feeling to the skin plus it makes the skin looking even better. the main thing is, off course, making the make up last longer, which it promises. 

♥ 3. "in the light" eyeshadow palette by stila via ASOS;  34,73€ 

so many blogger and youtuber raved about this palette. a eyeshadow palette with fairly neutral shades which are the ones i prefer to wear on my lid. i only read positive reviews about this one and the price i good for what's been told about it and what it promises. highly pigmented eyeshadows and a free eyeliner. since i can't purchase stila products in stores in germany i'm really glad ASOS sells them.

♥ 4. false lashes mascara by maybelline 

maybelline mascaras have been my first ones and i have no idea why i stopped testing them. this one caught my attention last time i went to the drugstore. since tanys burr(her blog) loves her maybelline mascara i really can't wait to get me one and i really love what she says about certain products and realyl trust her opinion. i can't wait to get my hands on this little baby.

♥ 5. prime and fine illuminating base by catrice; 4,99€ 

oh yes, another face primer.this one will give a more glowy finish to the skin. something i really want for an everyday look. as i mentioned above, catrice really i an awesome drugstore brand and i'm really picky with those.

♥ 6. "wake me up" foundation by rimmel via ASOS; 12,49€ 

i have no idea where rimmel products went in german drugstores. they are just gone. which is really sad. nearly every single youtuber i like to watch all day seem to love this foundation alot and i really want to try it and see if it works also for me. i'm so glad that ASOS sells rimmel products and gives me easy access to it. i feel like this product is right at the top of my wishlist.

♥ camouflage cream by catrice; 2,99€ 

i'm huntig for products that help me covering my undereye circles and all the little spots that keep my skin from looking good. camouflages give a higher coverage than concealers normally do and they have a thicker consistency. i hope it gives me the coverage i need.

♥ "wake me up" concealer by rimmel via ASOS; 7,63€ 

i was like,if i get the foundation, i need to get the concealer also. that why this concealer is on my wishlist. eventhough if i'm not quite sure if i really get it as soon as the foundation.

have you guys used one of these products above? tell me if you liked them and i really want to know wether you have a wishlist right now or you just purchased a product on your wishlist. i really want to know which products make you want to spend your money all at one time. so i'm off to my bathroom.i'm out for a dinner tonight and need to,finally, take a shower. have a lovely day.



  1. False lashes mascara by Maybelline is a favorite of mine as well! I absolutely love it. It's not chunky, it doesn't smudge easy AND it's easy for people who are beginners at make myself!

  2. I've never tried anything by Catrice but their products sound lovely! I have the In The Light palette and I must say that I find it better than the UD Naked palette, the more shimmery Stila eyeshadows don't leave fallout like the UD ones do!

  3. I never tried rimmel.. need to check it out...


  4. I love the maybelline mascara, i personally think it is as good as my benefit ones, i also have the rimmel wake me up concealer it is great for making your eyes look more alive and cover up bags but it's not very good at concealing blemishes.
    Hope this helps:)
    Love Megan xox

  5. wenn du vorbei kommst kannst du den primer ausprobieren ;) <3


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