head up and heart strong

the last days had been really calm and quiet somehow. its been grey outside all week long and my first days of my last semster been pretty relaxing. someone who really messed something up wrote me a long “excuse me” message which filled my heart with happiness. and since i’m not that kind of person that gets mad alot or freaks out everyday i was just glad to hear some nice words. kindness is the way. and when a young lady crossed the street in front of my car with her little son on a tiny bike, i had to smile the grey sky away and just enjoy my day with only one class. eventhough my last days were calm and pretty lovely the shooting turned out to catch the grey climate in this january. windy days and wet streets. i need some more sun.
hope you like what you see and lets snuggle up in a blanket and have a cup of tea and some good books.

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