don’t you worry, child?

what do you want to be when you grow up? how do you want to make a living? future talks seem to take the biggest place when i’m out with friends. my last school day will be march 22, 2013. like right around the corner. and my “future” seems so close. and i’m scared. i was always scared about graduating school and starting something on my own. to many people at universities, not enough jobs for everyone. how can that not be scarry? that fact that i will move out this year when i get te chance to study psychologie scares me so much that i can hardly sleep at night. i just can’t imagine to just leave my parents house. i mean it sounds fun but i’m basically on my own since i’m not that kind of person that wants is parents to pay for every tiny thing. but thats life right?
everything went by so fast the last years and i really am a person that enjoys school life alot. all the lovely ladies and gents i met over the last years are just the most amazing crowd of people ever. what makes me feel a little better is that some of those people will be with me all my life. 

aaaand a big, fat thank yooooou to everyone who commented or followed my here. and i’m thankful for every tiny click on my spot in the internet. i’m just really glad and thankful. everyone who reads this should feel a hugged by me.

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