Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

collective haul

♥ lace dress by h&m; 10€ (sale) 

i've been out for a tiny little shopping tour and picked up some bits. christmas money and gift cards gave me the chance to treat myself a little bit. this lace dress caught my eyes everytime when i stepped into h&m but i didn't want to spend like 30€ on a lace dress but when i saw it in the sale section i grapped it and had a huge smile on my face. i love the lose, sheer sleeves. my mom said i look like a little fairy in it which was really sweet. i feel like its the perfect dress for spring days.

♥ coat by h&m; 20€ (sale) 

for a little while now, i wanted to pick up a new coat for slightly warmer days and one that is a little more chich then my big, puffy one. the camel color matchs perfectly with my brown longchamp bag and the collar gives a more young charme to it. it actually is oversized  like waaay oversized but they only had two left and both were the same, big size. i don't care. love it anyway.

♥ sweater by primark; 3€ (sale) 

you guys already got to know about my primark obsession and like three weeks ago i had i little primark trip and i picked up this really slouchy and cozy sweater and i only picked it up because it was such a bargain and during the cold season i need tons of them just to wear around the house or dress it a little up with disco pants and a nice necklace.

♥ top by primark; 10€ 

i adore this top sooo much. just imagine a summer night in a bar with a cool beer and a plain black or neon bandeau top under it. i even thought about the trip to bulgaria with like all the people i will graduate with. just throwing that top over my bathing suit and i'm good to go. love the edgy items at primark.just can't get enough.

♥ top by primark; 10€ 

with this top i had the same ideas like with the one above. its a little more boxy but i feels so nice and the cut outs on the side are huge. oh i want summer so badly when i look at those two tops. can't wait to wear them.

♥ shorts by primark; 14€ 

and another tad of summer to this post. shorts are normally out of my comfort zone but this one should also be a motivation to be in shape and feel good while wearing these in summer since they are very short and i don't like showing my legs that much but i'm working out like crazy lately so maybe i will have the shape to wear them out. i hope so.

that completes my little collective haul and i will have a huge primark shopping trip in early febuary. if you guys want to see what i will pick up then, tell me. tell me if you want to see a video of me hauling my primark picks. i love watching hauls and would love to film one for you guys. i hope you have some nice days without dealing with such a cold weather like i do. loooove you.



  1. These pictures are lovely and you've got some really good purchases here!


  2. Love the coat! :D You got some amazing stuff.

  3. That coat is AMAZING! I love it! :) You bought really lovely things! :) x Laura

  4. Love all these pieces! That coat is so gorgeous <3

  5. mein freund und ich haben jetzt die zweite staffel durch - vobei ich zugeben muss, das ich die erste nicht gesehen habe -.-
    muss ich irgendwann mal nachholen.

    liebe grüße, sophie

  6. The colour of that blue jumper is so pretty and I love the look of your lace top xx

  7. You've found some great buys :) I particulary love the camel coat!!


  8. thanks for comment:)

  9. Those primark purchases look so great and they're SO cheap! Amazing!!Xx

  10. Looooooooove this coat so much! What a beautiful find! x

  11. Danke für deinen Kommentar Elena :)

  12. Das primark jumper und das trage von h and m ist ausgezeichnet! Haha sorry I don't really speak German, well I did my gcse in it but still I'm not brilliant. Lovely haul! And lovely blog xxx

    1. oh hollie.that was perfect. that really made my day. i mean german is not easy but you did perfectly fine

  13. your sense of style feels so right

  14. beautiful buys. i really adore the dress and the brown coat xx

  15. Great finds :) The H&M coat looks really nice x


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