some little words

“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest 
really comes from it”

some wise words which really inspire me alot. fashion and beauty is something
that gives me rest everyday. my morning make up routine combined with a cup
of coffee is my perfect way to start into a new day. both, beauty and fashion,are
my way of being creative all day since my drawing skills are worse.
with photography and my photoshop arts, my little place in the internet
will be complete. i’m currently working on a youtube channel which is not really
up yet since i want to offer best quality.

every single person should be able to express theirselves and through fashion.what people wear 
tells alot about them selves. even those who don’t pay much attention to trends, tell that
through their clothes. i know that fashion/beauty blogs are popular right now and everybody seems to
write one but i want to give my tiny spot here a try. some of my friends wanted
me to start blogging/youtubing because i do their make up whenever we go out and
they quite like it. they are also impressed by the passion i put into my styling and stuff.

so i want to welcome every single person who just clicks on
my blog. i will do alot of reviews, styling tips and everything beauty and fashion related.
but also lifestyle topics and “what i’m doing” posts will take place here.
let me know if you like it.
lots of kisses and a merry christmas with your loved ones.

pictures: first one by me, rest by weheartit.com

Hello Lovely!

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