a new year

today is the last day of 2012. as always: i can not believe how fast this
year went by. to me it seems like yesterday that alot of my close friends
turned 18 and so i did. when i went windsurfing the first time or spent my summer
in italy. my new york trip (on my own) seems like it was last week. 
new years posts are quite interesting for me since i like to know what people plan for new
365 days. 

i personally think that whatever you plan to do or what you want to happen
in a new year only really happens when it is supposed to. i feel
like alot of people stress theirselfes by making plans or making themselfes
goals that they simply can’t reach or which are just not meant to be.
wouldn’t it be better to simply say:
“i would love to do this and that but i can chill cause if its supposed
to happen it will and if not something else comes along”

take yourself some time to dream. to create something for yourself. create
your 2013 in your mind and then go into a new year and see what you can do. 
without any stress or pressure. just with an open mind filled with ideas an dreams
for another 12 months. maybe you want to lose quite some weight or want to
get rid of being insecure all the time. but do it step by step. you simply can not
change something that huge in one day. take your time. 365 day are a hell lot of time
to try to work on yourself so why hurry?

sounds stupid. is good. not everything that you plan for a new year
has to have a reason. we are young. let the year create some badass
stories that you can laugh about next year and which will make your 2013 
so perfect. let yourself and your mind go and feel free to enjoy yourself
and your life. thats more important than making stupid plans and forget to enjoy
the beautiful things around you. most of them are for free.

and now…what 2013 did i create for myself?

2013 will be the year, i graduate from highschool
2013 will be the year,i hopefully can go to university
2013 will be the year, i move out (scaaaaarry)
2013 will be the year, i spend my summer in sweden
2013 will be the year,i focus more on my healthy eating and work out
2013 will be the year, i will say “yes” more often
2013 will be the year,i try to continue being a heplful and supporting person
2013 will be the year, i start working again

what about you?

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