Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

childhood places

when i was a child we used to live in a house right between to lakes
with a view all over one of them, surrounded by the woods. 
since i spent the last week with going out at night and standing up
early cause i had some kind of sleeping problems i stayed at home the last night
and got myself sleep. so today being as awake as i wasn't in a long time
 i made a little trip by myself to the place i used to live
when i was a little peep and took some pictures. like lots of them. i feel
really comfy around the house, at the lakes, basically in childhood place.
the sunlight today reminded me of fall. just warm lightning and the quiet. 

the neighborhood i used to live is basically in the woods. a small little place outside of berlin
but really posh. eventhough it is a lovely spot i'm really thankfull that my family moved to 
berlin. public transportation is so much better and i enjoy living in the most
awesome city on the planet. the first kinda nature themend picture actually was
the border between west berlin and the ddr back then. and now, after years
it turned out to be a lovely place where the lightning always seems to be amazing.

hope you enjoyed my little picture taking trip. do you still live in
your childhood place?



  1. Tolle Bilder, tolle Fotografie
    x the cookies

  2. Das freut mich sehr :)

    Ich mag deinen Blog auch sehr gerne!! Und bin gespannt, was da so noch alles kommt =)

    Einen guten Rutsch wünsch ich dir!!


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