Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

a girls mess

oh yes, my closet is the biggest mess in the whole wide closet world.
or should i say was?
my mama and i decided to get ourselfes new closets and today i had
to organize my old one. i spent hours with looking through my clothes and
getting rid of stuff that i never put on.
that blush blazer is such a pretty piece and i only wore it twice. time
to change that.

what a pretty dress. and again i had it on one time. 
it is really soft but since i'm really short it is a little to long
for me and makes my legs look bloody short.
i hope my mom can fix it cause this dress really is a little
treasure found in my messy closet.

this dress is one of the pieces i picked up while i was in arizona 2011.
i had such a great time with my amazing hostfamily and i actually wore that
dress at prom. something i just can not get rid of. it will stay in my closet forever.

and also a glimpse of my christmas presents 2012. my granny got me chloé.
such a lovely scent. i can smell it whenever a person put it on eventhough
that person is just walking by me. i just love it plus a ikea lamp from their new
collection since i'm redecorating my bedroom.
do you want to see more?



  1. Really love it! It's gorgeous. Love, Jaimie

  2. Such beautiful photos! The detail on those dresses is immaculate <3

    1. lovely what you can find in your closet right?
      thank you for your comment


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