when it comes to outdoor activities, most people will probably think about summer as being the perfect season to do so but not me. the only thing I want to when its hot and sticky outside is either hide inside or go for a swim as summer here seems to be either monsoon style rain or unbearable heat. when autumn finally rolls around and the weather seems to get a lot kinder, I feel its the time to enjoy the outdoors but also get cosy inside too. its the time to enjoy the slightly warmer rays before winter arrives and with the seasons changing, there seem to be so many lovely activities to do by yourself or with friends and family indoors and outdoors. I have really been loving this year's arrival of autumn and I figured I would share a few of my favourites with you. none of them will cost you a fortune and if you are into your social media, they will probably make for ideal photography setups. I really like capturing it too but also it's about enjoying the season and making the most of it. 

1. apple picking

this was part of my autumn bucket list and I ticked it off. my friend and I went to a self-picking farm and farm shop and not only were we the only ones there, but we were also greeted with rows and rows of apple trees with millions of bright and ripe fruit. the very warm summer made for a great apple harvest and due to the heavy sunshine, they became even sweeter and bigger. it was beautiful and not only is there no entry fee, but I also paid about 2,50€ for almost 4kg of apples and made a fair few cakes out of them. being surrounded by nature and eventually climbing into the trees to find the ripest fruit is such a calming and grounding sensation. I felt so at peace and genuinely happy when we left. its the perfect activity to do outdoors and then bake a cake or cook homemade applesauce after. it would also make a really cute date. 

2. DIY & Decor

with autumn comes conkers, acorns and other fruits of nature. when I was little my mum went on long walks with us collecting everything we could find and use it for DIYs and decor around the house. it was the idea to bring the outside and the new season in. it was always great fun except for the time when my mum wanted to make little animals out of conkers which involved drilling in them and they all crumbled apart and it didn't work. my mum is very impulsive and she had a little freakout. I have been seeing such cute DIYs with pinecones lately and really want to give them a go. I also might try doing a makramee wall piece. just sitting, listening to music and working on a little DIY is perfect after a long day at work.

3. Bonfire

one thing I love about summer is barbecues and spending long nights outside. doing a little bonfire is the perfect chance to wave goodbye to summer, warm up around a fire and roasting marshmallows on it. my boyfriends' dads birthday is in latSeptemberer and we usually do just that. it's so beautiful and one of the last chances to enjoy their garden to the fullest before the temperaturs drop. I would love to gather around a fire pit with some of my friends and I hope I can make that happen. the only downside is clothing catching the scent of smoke and not the lovely smokey scent of wood, it's the nasty almost suffocating smell. so make sure to hang your clothes outside after and wash your hair before going to bed.

4. Pumpkins

there's nothing more autumnal than pumpkins. I like using them for decor and obviously carving them is a must. we usually pick out a few and do different designs on them to be displayed in front of my flat and also my parents' house. its always a bit of a mess but the outcome is worth it and the ultimate way to celebrate autumn and Halloween. I usually wait with the actual carving until its almost Halloween as pumpkins tend to get mouldy quite easily. I actually can't wait. Its the perfect way to celebrate halloween for me as going trick or treating is not really an option anymore and the Halloween party I used to attend went a bit downhill over the years. I hope we can find a good party to attend because dressing up is so much fun. 

my outfit

Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Primark
Sunglasses: Quay Australia (via Topshop)
Lipstick: Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood

Location: Neumanns Erntegarten, Potsdam, Germany
Photography: Hummingbird Photographs

Are there any activities you love doing in autumn? please let me know!


let's be real for a minute, I enjoy my home days and feel very good about a Saturday spend at home in my comfies doing absolutely nothing but watching youtube and chilling with my boyfriend and cats but obviously, a night out is necessary too, sometimes. my clubbing days are well and truly over and even though it was the most fun, I don't miss paying to dance or rushing to the club to get free entry. I don't miss feeling sticky and gross after an hour and having to deal with creepy guys. as I lived far from the city centre, it also involved long journeys home and walking from the bus stop barefoot as my feet hurt from dancing in heels all night. I'm quite happy that most of my friend prefer bars and lounges these days. it still involves getting glam and wearing a full face of makeup as well as fun drinks and good chats and that's all I need. with the colder seasons getting closer, a lot of events and parties are getting closer too and instead of opting for an outdoor location when it comes to your leisure time with friends, its time to get back inside. with nights getting colder, I can't just go for a dress anymore. I need to make it home without waking up full of cold the next day. I'm also not one to go for super sexy bodycon style items and thought I would share my idea of the perfect going out outfit and it's basically very simple:

nice top and jeans

sounds simple and it is. it works like a charm and is the best way to transition from work into a night out too when you have little to no time to change when heading out to some well deserved Friday night drinks with your girls and/or boys. yes, a dress is nice and I tend to wear them too but what I feel most comfortable and whats probably just very true to my style. when it comes to jeans, I love skinny high waisted jeans or mom jeans but only paired with a tight and simple top. when I wear jeans, I go all out with my tops. from ruffles to beading to lace, it's all possible and its everything I want. this red lace shirt from h&m is one of my favourites. it's delicate and interesting. the pop of red spices up my very monochrome outfits and it makes me feel so well dressed and feminine too.

it's about you

when it comes to fashion and clothing of all kinds, it should truly be about you. wear what you feel comfortable and good in. there's nothing worse than feeling not confident in your outfit. it means you can't fully enjoy yourself and to me, restrictive dresses are not ideal for me and since I feel like I have mastered the pretty shirt and jeans look in my day to day life, its only right to take it into the night too.

favourite places to shop for my going out shirts:



my outfit

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara

Location: Potsdam, Germany
Photography: Hummingbird Photographs

what is your ideal outfit when it comes to going out? what do you feel best in? please let me know.


this post was kindly sponsored by quiz clothing

autumn means its time to burn candles all around. I do love my candles every season of the year but I just don't feel like burning candles when it's over 30 degrees outside. now, there's one retailer that everyone swoons over when it comes to seasonal candles and a wave of excitement just hit when it became apparent that they might open stores in the UK. its no other than Bath & Bodyworks. now, they don't ship to Europe which is why I use a mail forwarding service. it does come with extra costs such as shipping and customs but it still works out to be cheaper than buying imported bbw candles from places such as ebay because they don't do the deals bbw does on a regular. I purchased mine when they had the 12 $ candle deal going on as well as free shipping. I picked up five new candles and they all smell divine.

so, last year i went for a few sweeter scents and realized that although they smell delicious, they are just a tad too sickly for me. this year I went for more pumpkin and in general scents, I have never had before. first off is the classic autumn scent leaves. the notes are crisp red apple, golden nectar and warm clove spice. its the perfect mix of rich spice and the freshness of apples. it's just delicious and despite being spicy with a hint of cinnamon without smelling like big red chewing gum which none of the spicy ones I got have. massive plus for me. 
next up is autumn day which might be the best scent in this candle haul. it is autumn in a candle. notes are crisp red apple, green fig, white birch and cedar. it basically smells like walking into the woods on a gloomy morning after it has rained. it's so fresh but also deep because of the cedar and I absolutely love it. I could burn it all day long. if an autumnal candle is called pumpkin patch, you know I need to have it. it just screams everything autumn stands for and it smells beautiful. its once again quite spicy but it also has the cleanness of pumpkin. the notes are bright orange pumpkin, autumn spice blend and rich molasses.
after seeing it everywhere online, I had to try marshmallow fireside. now, marshmallow sounds very sweet but it's not. it smells exactly like marshmallows roasting on a fire. its super smokey and I love it as it's not sickly at all. the notes are toasted marshmallow, smouldering woods, fire roasted vanilla and crystalized amber. last but not least is a candle with the prettiest container. its frosted glass and looks just amazing. it's white pumpkin. the notes are white pumpkin, autumn spice blend and ground cinnamon and it smells exactly like pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks tastes. weird but very much true and I love it.

have you ever tried candles from bath & bodyworks? what do you think of them? i can only recommend them as they are so richly scented and burn so well too.


you have no idea how long I have been waiting to finally type out this post and finally start on my favourite type of content. the seasonal content that comes with waving goodbye to summer and in this case a very hot and dry one. too hot and dry for my liking. nights are getting colder already and I have been able to collect conkers on my dog walks as well as watching the trees turning from a dark green to a bright yellow right in front of my living room window. it's my favourite half of the year and the time I get most excited about. what is not to love about autumn fashion and being able to layer clothing as well as enjoying a hot cup of tea whilst it's stormy and rainy outside? whilst I usually struggle more with content over the summer, I find inspiration in the seasonal and I can't wait to share it all with you. in honour of autumns arrival, I thought I would share my autumn bucket list with you to give you an idea of what's coming and what I'm excited for.

1. go apple picking

I went cherry and strawberry picking in the summer and it was so much fun which really made me want to pick autumnal fruit too and apples seem perfect. I want to go to the same farm and pick the ripest apples and make apple pie and applesauce with it. it obviously will be the perfect location to take autumnal photos and it will surely happen.

2. decorate & DIY

one of my favourite things about the colder seasons is being able to go all out with decorations and decorating my place. from wreaths to candles to seasonal mantelpieces, I'm here for it. it just makes me feel so much more comfortable in my own space and brings me great happiness. I want to go all out this year and I want to DIY decor too. I find it so calming and it adds such a personal touch too.

3. go to a pumpkin farm

pumpkins just scream autumn and there's no Halloween without them. pumpkin carving is part of every autumn for me but this year I want to take it even further. there's a huge pumpkin farm nearby and they are going all out this year with haunted hayrides and a huge pumpkin patch and market and it sounds like the most festive place to be.

4. walks & enjoying nature

I would describe myself as someone who loves to enjoy the outdoors. going for long walks and enjoying nature around me calms me like nothing else. especially when the seasons are changing. as the summer has been so hot, going for walks was not an option and now I can't wait to get outside and enjoy my surroundings in more moderate temperatures.

my outfit

Shirt: ASOS
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Location: Potsdam, Germany

What is your autumn bucket list? please let me know and I hope you are as excited as I am.


it's time, it's finally time for my favourite months of content. with September rolling around, its autumn to me. the weather is not very autumnal just yet but I can feel it coming. the end of August is always pretty hard for me when it comes to content for my blog as I don't feel like doing summery content anymore but it's not appropriate to dive into autumn just yet. with it now being September, I think I have all the rights to just go for seasonal content and not feel as I'm way too early. I hope you are as excited as I am. I just can' wait for it all and I have great plans which I will hopefully turn into blog posts. 
whenever it changes from the warmer months to getting cooler I like shaking up my daily makeup and get products out again, i don't use when its warm and sticky outside and there have been a few products I just couldn't wait to use again which is why I decided to share my transition into autumn makeup with you.

this summer, I completely moved away from foundations and only used cc creams or tinted moisturizers as it was just the hottest summer and I couldn't deal with foundation. even though I don't go for full coverage on a daily, I still missed wearing proper foundation. the Nars natural radiant foundation was my firm favourite last year. its so glowy and just makes my skin look perfected but it feels light too. I'm a huge fan of Nars foundations as it is and can't wait to use them again. one product which transitions with me into autumn is the hourglass ambient lighting powder. its the best face powder I have ever used and I honestly use it all year around. it just sets any kind of foundation no matter if its full coverage or not and it blurs it into the most perfect finish. I love it. 
whilst I feel like peachy and coral coloured blushes are all I want to use in summer as soon as September is creeping up, I want to go for rosy and darker coloured blushes to add a bit of colour to my complexion. the maxfactor blush in alluring rose is the perfect one for me as soon as it gets just a tad cooler. I also tend to go for very basic eyeshadow looks when its warm outside because every tiny bit of makeup just feels too much in the heat. when it gets to autumn, I tend to be more adventurous and for deeper colours too. a good one to transition into that is the by terry ombré Blackstar in misty rock
one of the main reasons I'm so super excited to transition into autumnal makeup is the dark lip colours slowly coming out again. my favourites are the Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution in opium noir and obviously Jeffree Star unicorn blood

are you excited to transition into autumnal makeup too? I just can't wait and I have so many amazing things planned. what do you want to see? let me know.


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