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todays post is something that i haven't done before. i have no idea if it will be helpfull at all but at least i'm trying. recently, you guys have been really enjoying my photography lately which just makes me so so happy. because you seem to be loving what i'm doing here, i thought i would chat you through my process of doing it. i'm obviously not a professional photographer, i don't have all the technical skills and don't know all of the terms but i'm very happy with it and it really is all trial and error and finding your own style. so i hope his is at least a bit helpful.

the equipment
obviously these days phones are amazing to take pictures with but i just love using a proper dslr camera. i use the canon 70d which is brilliant. its a big and heavy camera but it takes such crips and clear pictures. you can basically do everything with it but its not as pricey as a 5d might be. i'm a canon girl. their cameras are just so good and have always worked like a treat for me. i usually use a pretty average setting without flash. i really want to get more into the technical things about photography but thats a whole new project. for almost all my pictures i use a 50mm 1.4 lens. its probably the one lens i would recommend to everyone. it focuses beautifully on one thing and leaves the background blurry and a creates a really dreamy hue. especially whe you use flowers and lights to decorate which leads me onto the next thing:

the styling
i absolutely love styling up a blog photo shoot. i like crips and white surroundings which is great since my whole flat is really white and bright. natural light is the best so make sure your setting gets enough light. to make the best use of my 50mm lens i like creating levels. as much as i love flatlays, the 50mm doesn't work as well for me with those. i like using trays, trinkets,flowers, blankets and pillow case to create more depth, texture and colour. having things standing up and others laying down creates the perfect level to take pictures with my 50mm lens. i like shooting from above to get a blurry texture into the photo. also, i love styling up my pictures for every season with seasonal goods, flowers and greenery. clutter is what works for me. if you want cute little things to put into photos, tiger is great. picking things thats simly please the eye are what i love.

the editing
not only are phones great, you can also find amazing editing softwares for your phone. i personally use the adobe creative suite and i love it. as a student you can basically use all creative adobe programms like photoshop and premiere pro for 19,99€ per month. i use lightroom for most of my pictures and its unreal. i love the way my pictures turn out with it.i like having bright and colourful pictures that won't look too yellow or too warm but also not too cold and lightroom is just perfect for my needs. lightroom, photoshop and premiere pro are all huge softwares and you can probably do all the crazy things with it and i know i'm only touching the surface with my work but i love it. it is a bit tough to get into but i just practiced and in fact i started trying photoshop when i was around 10. 

be your own
over the past years the blogging world exploded and its huge and daunting. so many big bloggers, so many styles of photography but most big bloggers i adore and look up to have created their own style which makes them unique and you can tell that its thei image. don't just copy, create yourself and be your own. you will always know which photo was created by kate la vie or which flatlay sophies makeup did and thats what makes them special. it actually took me years to figure my style out and it turns out i'm not the best at a classic flatlay. i can do levels and i love it.

i really hope this post made any sense to you and i hope you got anything from this post. if theres anything you want to know that i haven't covered, please ask me down below. also, i would love to know more about your photography journey.


i think i said a million times before that i'm a palettes girl. everything that comes in palettes, i want. except lipstick i guess but give me all the eyeshadows, highlighters and blushes in a palette and i will love you forever. most of my palettes are for eyeshadows and i probably own way too many. when it comes to blushes and bronzers i don't really have a proper palette. mainly because i never saw one i liked and wanted to add into my collection until one of my favourite instagram sites featured it. if you don't follow nathan dalby or plasticloafer then what are you doing? i adore his makeup photography and reviews. he featured the benefit cheek parade palette and i knew i had to have it. mainly because i never tried any of the box powders before and because it had a bronzer i wanted to try for ages. so my ever so amazing boyfriend gave me it for my birthday and i used it daily ever since.

the most cheeky parade

the cheek parade palette comes with five full sized powders. two bronzers and four blushes as well as a brush. normally i don't really use brushes that come with palettes but this one is actually very nice to use with the bronzers. hoola has been in the benefit range for ages and is a lovely bronzer but its a bit too dark for me as i'm very fair. they recently launched a lighter version of hoola and its called hoola lite. its perfect for fair skin as it is cool toned but doesn't have a green hue if that makes sense. its lovely and warms up my complexion so nicely. it also contains benefits newest blush called galifornia and it is perfect for summer as its a very lovely coral. it also has dandelion and rockateur in it. also insanely beautiful colours. as expected, they work so well. just the right amount of pigment and they last ages. also, they smell kinda fruity and i love having such a big selection of products on one palette.

if you are a palette lover you would probably love this one. i have no idea if its available in store but is still available on the sephora website. grab it, i think the value for money is incredible. have you tried any benefit box powders?


oh my, i usually don't say this but i'm so happy that this week is over. it has been a long and busy one but its sunday now and its all over. i feel like so many great things are coming up and whenever i'm super busy, its so hard for me to keep a routine up which really stresses me out. i feel so much more myself when i have my set routine with my blogging and workout days as that makes me so much more focused on my work and uni days and the last week everything has been all over the place and i now can't wait to get my routine going again and obviously get my blog schedule into place again. i had a mid week post up which you guys seemed to love to that makes me really happy.

what i did
i had to present my last final assignment in front of my prof and a bunch of students and that big and really scary event on thursday took up my entire week. i was basically glued to my desk or sitting on my living room floor with papers and books all around me, trying to finish my presentation, get a handout ready and prepare for the questions and discussion. luckily, it all went perfectly fine. everyone was so lovely and i actually had a great time listening to all the other presentations. i also had lots of fun driving my brand new mercedes all week. its not technically brand new but new to me and its a car for my family and i love it. being done with this presentation just makes me feel so much better and i'm so happy now.

what i didn't do
because my whole week was just about my presentation i only managed to get a mid week post up. there was no video sadly but thats fine. i will make up for it for sure. i also didn't manage to go to the gym which makes me quite sad.

what i ate
i had a cupcake as a treat for smashing my presentation and it was so yummy. i also prepped all my meals for the presentation days at uni and made the best whole grain pasta salad with spinach, mozarella and pesto. it was so yummy.

what i want to do next week
next week, i want to get back into my routine for sure. nomal blogging schedule,vlogging, filming and gym. i actually can't wait. i also have to start preparing for my final exam and that will be a lot but i have loads of time to do it and then its finally summer for me.

one word to describe the past week


the blogging world is full of trends and certain things that pop up and everyone has them or is doing them and usually i try to not give in with all of them especially when they come at a price that i don't want to pay for something that is so trendy that it probably wouldn't be around for the next season. this summers bloggers must have is a basket bag! i fell in love with this trend because it just has something so dreamy and summery about it and i think it makes every outfit look a million times more summery. basket bags also have a very french vibe which love. when i saw some of the pric tags i moved away from the trend very quickly because the cult gaia is very adorable but spending over 100€ on its is not going to happen especially because i would fear for all my belongings in it as its not a proper bag really.

the most summery bag

so i went to tk maxx a few days ago because tk maxx is just the place to be for me and certainly my mum. usually i just browse but this time i found something that was almost too good to be true. after giving up on my perfect basket bag i found the most perfect one there and guess what? it was only 9,99€. such a steal and perfect for an on trend piece so if you want to mke yourself feel extra summery and like you're about to go on the most perfect picnic. they hold just everything you need for the perfect day out. bathing suits, sunglasses, your favourite makeup and obviously things like your phone, keys and wallet. 

have you got yourself a little basket bag already? i would highly recommend tk maxx for finding a cheap one that will bring you joy all summer long.


hello my loves and happy july. i know i say this all the time but how is it july already? this year needs to slow down. it could hurry up for next week to be over but then it can calm down. next week is gonna be really busy for me as i have a big presentation coming up so please bare with me if i can't get all the post up but i will be back after. i can't believe this term is almost over but i'm ready for all the summer trips comin up. london in two weeks, amsterdam in august. i'm ready. i love having trips to look foward to even when its just a city break or day trip with the family. we found those beautiful wild flowers on last weeks day trip and i haven't seen something like it before. literally blue and reds as far as i was able to see. i hope you enjoy them too.

what i did
i'm really busy with uni at the moment as the end of the term always seems to be the most busy but those days will pass too. i sadly had quite a horrible migraine which meants i had to rest a bit more than i wanted to. the rest of the week was spent with my family or studying away at my desk. one thing that always keeps me going is how lovely you guys have been on my blog, youtube and every other social media. thank you. i really makes me so happy and means the world.

what i didn't do
i actually wanted to schedule all my posts for next week but it didn't happen. blogging doesn't work under pressure for me and even though i would love to keep my schedule up next week, i think you won't like any rushed posts. seriously, everyone who blogs daily is a hero.

what i ate
i'm so into soups lately and pretty much make everything into a soup. especially since it has been raining like crazy the past week and soups just make you feel so cosy. also, you can prepare them for days ahead. bonus!

what i want to do next week
get my presentation done and dusted so i can get ready for london but i have to keep on studying as i have one exam to do still. at least my presentation will be done and i can spend more time blogging and vlogging.

one word to describe the past week


i remember first seeing skincare by the ordinary popping up and my first thought was "oh another super pricey skincare brand i can't afford". i was wrong and i think its safe to say that they changed the game and everyone is raving about them. rightly so, very rightly so. keeping up a skincare routine probably is the one thing that i would recommend to anyone beauty wise, no matter if you are into makeup or not, treat your skin well, please. i'm not gonna pretend like i'm caroline hirons and if you want a proper in depth read about skincare and ingredients, please hop over to her blog. the only thing i want to share with you today is how a skincare brand completely transformed my skin and i couldn't be happier about it.

do it the ordinary way

i have been really lucky with my skin as i never had to deal with breakouts, acne and everything of that sort. it is dehydrated which means that often it looks quite dull. i always loved any kind of serum and oil as i felt it gave my skin the radiance it was lacking. over the past couple of months i have found all of that in the ordinary skincare. first off all is the hyaluronic acid. the one product that most people have bee getting, i feel. hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to the skin which is just what i need. its a clear thick liquid and it sinks in right when you put it on. after using it for a few days my skin got visibly more plump and radiant and the odd dry patch was gone. i just it in the morning and at night and sometimes extra drops under my eyes. to get my skin even more moisturized i use the organic rosehip seed oil at night. its a thick scentless oil whic sits on the skin for a bit longer without making it feel sticky or looking visibly oily. it really soothes my skin over night and i wake up with perfectly great feeling and looking skin.
as the oil i meant to be used at night and generally is a bit too much for a day to day use, i went for the natural moisturizing factors. its a mix of moisturizing ingredients which keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day without feeling heavy or sticky.
using all of those products and obviously cleansing my face literally made my skin look its best. its plump, looks radiant and my dry patches are all gone. if you are looking for affordable skincare that makes a difference, look no further. do it the ordinary way.


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