do you remember the summer bucket list post I typed up a while ago? well, when you are reading this post, I ticked everything off that list and I feel bloody good about it. I haven't thought summer would turn out to be this sunny and hot and I certainly didn't think I would be able to do everything I planned and it made the season just so much better. if you have been around for a while, you might know that I'm not exactly the biggest summer girl and the heat made it even harder for me to cope. as much as I enjoyed warm summer nights with friends, I'm pretty much counting down the days until autumn is fully here and for me, that's September 1st. before we start thinking about autumn content, let's get back to summer and my bucket list. I absolutely wanted to do a summer's picnic. what sounds better than yummy food, good company and a sunny day? nothing. it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate summer and sunny days before it all ends. it's so easy to put together and can be done very spontaneously. just wait for a beautiful day and pack a blanket, food and your best friend and you're ready to enjoy it. if you want to make a fuss out of it, just like me, wear your cutest summer dress, buy flowers and enjoy your day to the fullest.

easy & breezy

when its warm and just want to enjoy some food, I would always opt for something flowy and comfortable to wear. nothing restricting and nothing that makes you feel uncomfortable when you are sitting for a long time. light fabrics such as chiffon, linen or cotton are perfect. they won't make you feel sticky. whenever I wear something uncomfortable or that makes me feel sticky, I'm not really able to enjoy myself for a while and that's not the point of a summer's picnic. I just want to sit for hours and have good chats.

white & colour

I feel like white is such a classic for a picnic or any summer outing. it's so easy to wear. everything goes with a white summers dress and it always looks put together. it can be casual but also super dressy and its a colour I feel very comfortable in. my wardrobe tends to be very monochrome but lately, I have been trying to be brave enough to wear more colour and pattern. yellow just screams summer and can it get more summery than a lemon dress? I don't think so. 

best highstreet dresses


my outfits

white shirt dress: Zara
sunglasses: Quay
earrings: Monki
shoes: Zara

lemon dress: Boohoo
sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
earrings: Monki

I hope you find a dress you like in this post, not only for a summer's picnic but for any other occasion too. let me know what your perfect picnic dress looks like and what you have managed to tick off your summer bucket list.


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well, it has been a very hot summer so far, in fact, I don't remember the last time it was that hot and sunny for such a long period of time. it's not my favourite weather and I hope it cools down very soon. due to the hot temperatures, I cut down my makeup routine to the bare minimum. there's nothing worse than the feeling of makeup melting down your face. as much as I love a minimal makeup routine, I can't wait to finally be able to not worry about my eyebrows melting down to my cheeks and my lipstick ending up everywhere. since the hot period has been lasting way longer than I ever wanted and longer than I should, I perfected it and I thought for the last breath of summer which hopefully ends by September 1st on the dot, I would share my summer makeup favourites with you.

there's no way I can deal with a proper foundation in this heat which is why I have switches to a cc cream and it's the only and only your skin but better cc cream from it cosmetics. it has a very light coverage and feels very comfortable on my skin. it doesn't cover my freckles but makes my skin tone look even. adding a bit of the hourglass ambient lighting powder on top and I'm good to go. its very light and really blurs over the cc cream. it also doesn't add heaviness to my base and lets my skin breathe. even though the sweat after commuting to work would be enough to look glowy, I can't go without highlighter. lately, I have been using Becca champagne pop again and the peachy glow it gives if perfect for any hot summers day.
I usually love using eyeshadows but again, in this heat, I feel like its all too much which is why I go very simple on the eyes. mainly just a bit of bronzer in the crease and some mascara. lately, I have been loving the l'oréal telescopic mascara. it really gives me long lashes and doesn't smudge in this heat. when I feel like wearing any sort of lip product, I have been using the Huda beauty liquid lipstick in bombshell. it feels very light on the lips and doesn't dry them out and it looks great with slightly tanned skin.

do you have any tips for makeup in this heat? let me know and let's hope we can all wear our dark reds again very soon.


oh, what a post to write and so much I want to get out. I wanted to be all organized and plan this post put perfectly and do it in a super professional way but I figured it would better to just play it by heart and share it with you as it is. all over the place for me and I don't know where to begin. the only thing I can say for sure is that I'm passionate about it and it's a topic that needs to be talked about and expressed openly. the days of perfect barbie bodies in magazines are over for me. its all about featuring all types of humans no matter what size they are, how many birth or stretch marks they have. does it really matter if your legs are short? to me, there's beauty in everyone and everyone's body and yet, I have struggled with mine for so long and still do. it's a journey and a struggle. sometimes is strange to me how I can love everyone no matter how they look and yet be so hard on myself. there are days when I'm absolutely fine and on others, I'm so insecure and I always have been. I felt to chubby, to short, not pretty enough and only really managed to work towards a better relationship with myself in the past year. it has been hard but rewarding and something I want to work out for myself. at the end of the day, I only have one body and I should be able to love it. so in today's post, I want to share a few things that helped me along the way so far. I still have much to learn and I'm not at my end goal of body positivity and love but hopefully will be there soon.

become aware of your struggles

when body positivity came into focus it made me look back on my life and I hit me in the face like a brick. it was what I was lacking and what I was battling with all those years. from always feeling too big even when I was a little girl to dealing with an eating disorder in my teens to never being able to feel comfortable in my own skin. it has never been a good ride but before I was truly able to start my journey to loving myself, I needed to become aware of my struggles and accept that I have been struggling as long as I remember. it was also finding out what exactly makes me feel insecure, what I don't like and it is hard and painful but its a must to start a journey towards loving yourself.

what do I want?

it's so hard to truly find out what I expect from myself and how I can better my relationship with myself. I needed to be aware of what I actually wanted to change and I needed to change my relationship with my body as I felt too uncomfortable in my own skin. one thing I needed to notice was that self-love and body positivity for me was not achieved by just changing my thoughts and loving my body just as it is. I tried it, for years and it didn't make me happy at all. I needed to work on my body and get to a place that made me feel comfortable. I know, this could sound controversial when it comes to body positivity but the journey is personal and should be what you want to make it and for me, it was creating the body I felt comfortable in whilst accepting things I couldn't change and probably shouldn't if I could. I always felt self-conscious of my hips as wide hips run in the family but I can't change them and I truly came to love having an hourglass figure.

its hard work

a journey to body positivity is not easy and its long. it's changing the way you think, learning to love yourself and be gentle even on down days. it's treating your body right and changing habits. I not only switched around my eating habits and getting into a workout routine but I had to learn to accept what I have and also be aware of bad days. it meant doing the best I could for my body and actively changing the way I think about myself. its hard work and it's even harder to not slip back into old habits but its so worth it.

be vocal about it

everyone has their problems and obviously, not everyone has a hard timing loving their body. what I've noticed is that some people I have talked to about my insecurities and me having a hard time loving myself just replied with: "just love yourself and accept yourself" and all I can say is, it's not "just". I know its hard to explain it to others but it needs to be done, not only to raise awareness. 

my outfit

Dress: PrettyLittleThing
Sunglasses: Quay

Location: Hovas, Sweden

what about you? do you have any tips to help with the journey towards a better relationship with your body?  what has helped you? I would love to know.


this post was created in collaboration with true & co. it's not a sponsored post but I'm really passionate about body positivity and creating a community of strong women

I can't deny it. I'm moving into adult life and I deeply wish I didn't. it has hit me recently and probably be part of why I have been having a really challenging time this year. I always thought a quarter-life crisis would not exist but now I truly believe in it even though I'm not really at the quarter bit things are definitely changing and its hard on me. there are many things I'm currently thinking about and trying to fix or work through but one main of them is friendships. what would life be without friends and as you get older it gets way harder to maintain them. everyone is getting busier and long gone are the days of spontaneous trips somewhere and it feels like summer is just not the same. it hurts and irritates me. most importantly, it makes me feel insanely lonely and I hope that i'm not the only one feeling this way so in today's post, let's chat about adult friendships and struggles.

never matching schedules

when I got back from my holiday I couldn't wait to see my best friend again and catch up. it turned out that our schedules didn't match at all so it turned out we couldn't catch up and haven't since. even last year, I would have made plans with friends for the day I came back and it would have been a time to catch up and almost celebrate it and we did it for everyone. now, everyone is so busy that plans have to be made in advance and sometimes it feels like I would be better off writing my friends letters instead of waiting for our schedules to match.

it's harder to maintain

being back in school meant that you saw many of your best friends on a daily. now, we are all off in different directions. whether it's travelling, working, studying and everything in between, everyone is somewhere else and doing something different which means you have to put in a lot more effort into maintaining a friendship and making sure someone actually is part of my life. with some of my friends, it's easy to set up dates and even though you haven't caught up in a while, its all great but with some you have a hard time maintaining and eventually, you drift apart.

real ones will be there

I wouldn't consider myself a social butterfly but my friend group is definitely a lot smaller than it used to be. even though I'm for quality or quantity when it comes to friends any day, it feels weird that I had to let go of people who once were so dear to me. sometimes it's not even for a bad reason, its just because you drifted apart which makes it even sadder. its just good to know that real friends will be there and to me, one best friend who you can count on is better than 10 who won't be there to support you when you are feeling low and is clapping in the front row when you achieve something.

new adventures to look forward to

when I was in my teens and all my friends basically were at my school, adventures and friendship activities mainly were going out, chatting about boys and in general having a good time as well as being an ultimate girl power group when it came to first heartbreaks and overcoming challenges. even though the early and mid-twenties feel like such a weird time of constant change and worry, there are so many new adventures to look forward to. engagements, marriages, careers and everything else and also, parties still happen too.

my outfit

shirt: H&M
jeans: primark
bag: topshop
shoes: zara
sunglasses: bershka

what do you think about adult friendships and have you noted changes yourself? let me know.


can I resist the doors of probably the best beauty store in the world? and if I go in, can I leave without one of the signature black and white striped bags? the answer is simple: I can't. there's always something I want to try or add to my collection or I ran out off and since we don't have single store sephoras here yet, I have to go in one whenever I have the chance. so when i was in Copenhagen I had to stop by their Sephora and obviously picked up a few items. it's not the biggest but its still worth sharing I feel. it actually makes me so excited to go to new york next year and shop in a proper big Sephora and that haul might be something else but for now, let's take a look at what a bought in Sephora in Copenhagen.

so one thing to know about me is that I'm not a summers girl. I do love all seasons but summer is just not my thing. it's too hot and sticky for me and the extreme heat wave right now gets me to my limit. so sinceI'm already dreaming of autumn, I couldn't stop looking at the too cool for school pumpkin skincare products. too cool for school is a Korean skincare brand and everything they do looks so adorable and hopefully works just as well. I went for the pumpkin 24k gold mask. it's a sheet mask and I'm very curious to see about the gold that is supposed to be in it. I will probably save it until it really is autumn but I can't wait to use it. I also can't wait to use pumpkin sleeping pack which basically is an overnight mask and I absolutely love using masks that I don't have to wash off. so I hope it will work well for me.
the beauty blender might be one of the best things that has ever happened to my makeup and I love using them but I like replacing them regularly and I was in desperate need of a new one. I loved the look of the red one even though it will be covered in makeup in no time. also, to me, there's nothing like to original beauty blender. it just works best.
last, I got two new lip products. one of them is the Huda beauty liquid lipstick in bombshell. I already own the lip liner and wanted to get the liquid lipstick as the lip liner is amazing and its such a great nude for me. the liquid lipstick itself is lovely and really stays on for ages without feeling super dry and I would love to try more in the future. I was in serious need of a lip balm and salty air and heat weren't exactly good for my lips. I went for the lanolips balm in peach and it's so good. it's so moisturizing and smells so good.

that's it for my little Sephora haul. have you tried any of the products I got? let me know what you think.


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