my life basically a big wish list and I can't seem to work through it. there's always a new product being released or something new which my beauty routine would benefit from. its a never ending story and to be fair, only my bank account might be upset about it because I just love shopping and trying new beauty items. it basically was what started this blog and what keeps it going. even though I add quite a few new items every month, there's never enough to do full monthly favourites. instead, I like to round them up whenever there's enough to write about and today is the day. today, I'm sharing my current beauty favourites with you and I hope you enjoy them.

my hair is not really happy about the heat at the moment and it tends to be a weird mix between dry, greasy and frizzy. summer means I have to put a lot more effort into taking care of my hair. because the weather does all kinds of weird things to it, the colab dry shampoo has been a lifesaver. it just adds life back into it and makes it look absolutely fresh and it has no white residue which is a must as my hair is very dark and basically every other dry shampoo is visible in my hair. the heat also really messes with my makeup and despite only wearing very little makeup, it just doesn't stay when it's too hot. there's only one setting spray to use for me and it's the urban decay all nighter setting spray. it just keeps it all in place and it feels very refreshing to put it on too. there are three makeup items I'm so obsessed with right now and one of them is a very well known one and I'm probably the last person to buy it. it's the famous laura mercier loose setting powder. I have never used such a fine powder in my life before. it literally melts into my skin and sets my concealer in the most flawless way. it's pricey but worth it for sure. because my brows like to not stay in place, a brow gel in a must for me. I love the l'oréal brow artist plumper for that. it adds a slight bit of colour and it keeps them in place all day. I'm a true winged liner girl and almost feel naked without it. usually, I use a liquid eyeliner but when I bought a magazine to read at Heathrow airport, there was an eyeko eyeliner pen in there and let me tell you, it's unreal. it's so black and so easy to use and stays on all day. if you struggle with eyeliner, this is the one to use.
even though it has been really warm, I still like my bath and pamper time. sleepy body lotion by lush has been the best thing to use in the evening lately. the lavender scent calms me down so much and it hydrated my skin so well. it's just the best. I have also discovered the best mask/chemical peeling in the world. it the ordinary aha and bha peeling solution. it looks like blood and doesn't smell pleasing at all but as soon as you put it on, you can feel it working on your skin. its basically eating away everything bad and my skin feels so smooth after and looks radiant and refreshed. i adore it.

so here we have my current beauty favourites. do you have tried any of the products mentioned? please let me know.


you know when you have so many ideas and blog posts in your mind but when you sit down to write them, the words just won't form. you can't find a way to start and all the ideas that once seemed brilliant are now questioned. that exactly how i felt the past week hence why there was only one post. very frustrating. despite feeling absolutely pumped for life and about whats ahead of me, I had a little bloggers block. probably nothing unusual and I know I can and will work my way out of it. I might not be the best writer today but blog photo shooting has been done so don't you worry, it will all be published at some point.

what I did
after being poorly the past week has been beautiful. I felt so motivated and pumped for everything to come. I planned ahead with my vacation coming up and all in all, had a beautiful week. I started figuring out what changed need to be done to the flat and it felt so good. after feeling quite anti-social the past weeks, I made time to see my friends and my best friend and I went to a beautiful plant store to buy new houseplants to add to our homes and it was so much fun.

what I didn't do
lately, it has been quite hard for me to motivate myself to go to the gym. whenever it's very hot I just don't want to be in a sweaty gym but I need to get my ass into gear and find my love for the gym again.

what I ate
ever since I went fruit picking myself, my menu has been heavily influenced by fruit and the jam I cooked myself and it's so good. I really want to go fruit picking again.

what I want to do next week
I have work and a few important meetings coming up but I also want to make sure I spend my time off working on my blog and channel. its also my sisters birthday coming up and I can't wait to celebrate with her.

one word to describe the past week


june can be a magical month. it always reminds me of the last weeks of school and summer being here. it gets me excited about all the plans I have made which I want to fulfill on my weeks off. it also reminds me of stressing out about finals and projects that are due and usually flies by because of that. last year, I was stressed out preparing for my final exams of law school and I hardly had time to plan my summer. all I focused on was preparing for the exams and presentations and not freaking out whilst doing so. this year has been a lot calmer and it's just what I need. it gave me the chance to truly breathe in every season and every new month. it gave me chance to make plans and tick off things from my bucket list that I wanted to do for years. I guess summer reminds us all of packing up for holiday, lying by the lake and getting a good sunburn or spending endless warm nights out with friends. summer will always remind me of freedom so let's talk about the plans I made for this summer.

Sweden & Denmark

our annual summer holiday is coming up and I can't wait. we usually plan our trips months ahead and the closer it gets, the more excited I get. Sweden & Denmark are places I have been to many times but it never gets dull. there's always more to explore and more to do but with a very familiar feeling and that exactly what I want and need. we initially planned our trip around the Ed Sheeran concert in Gothenburg and decided to stay up there for a week. I love the area so much and I hope I can create some amazing content whilst being there. because two weeks are better than one, we decided to stay a week close to Copenhagen right by the beach. I have only been to Copenhagen once and I can't wait to explore it even more.

Go on Adventures

my boyfriend has a chunk of time off work as he's starting somewhere new mid-july which means we have lots of time to spend together and truly enjoy this summer. we have been talking about places we want to visit and road trips we want to take. its just about figuring out when and where. we are trying to be a bit savvy with our trips right now because we are flying out to new york for a wedding next spring and we both want to have a healthy budget for that trip so everything around us we can reach by car will be perfect.

celebrating my sisters birthday

my sister is a summer baby and this year is a very special birthday as she's turning 18. I truly can't believe it. maybe its because we have an age gap of 6 years but I sometimes forget that she's a young lady now and not my tiny little baby sister with curly blond hair anymore. we have been planning her birthday party and I'm sure she's super excited. the family will get together and just celebrate her and I'm sure my mum will be a bit emotional as her youngest is now an adult by age and maybe she will be a bit worried as she then can drive by herself and that thought could be a bit scary.

declutter my flat and add new pieces

I absolutely love my flat and what i love most is that I can always improve the space and that's what I want to focus on more. i have to start by decluttering my space and just make sure everything has its place before I want to add some items to the living room and kitchen and just the overall place. its nothing major other than my wish to add a new backsplash and maybe worktop to the kitchen but most of it is decorative and I can't wait. my goal is to finish those little projects before autumn and winter as I want it to be perfect for the cozy seasons and I just want to add seasonal decor when it comes to that.

my outfit

Dress: Vero Moda
Hat: TKMaxx

Location: Brieselang, Germany

what are your plans for this summer? do you have anything exciting planned? please let me know.


I love learning. I really do. I love wrapping my mind around something unknown and letting it brew for days in my brain and at the end figuring it out and truly understanding it which always comes with the sense of achievement and almost wanting to give yourself a little pad on the shoulder. there's nothing more satisfying than learning a new skill and putting it to use for the first time or starting to see improvements but life doesn't only come with skills you choose to learn or studying something you love, it comes with lessons to learn. some are harder, some are easier and ideally, you improve your overall outlook on life with them. I must say, in my years of living, I have learned many lessons and there are some I'm still learning and those are the ones I want to talk about today.

1. saying no

this might be a very popular lesson to learn but its a serious one for me. I'm really easily pressured into things I don't want to do and would rather put everyone else's idea or plan before my own even if it makes me super uncomfortable and upset. especially with people I really like, it's really hard to say no and just do what I feel most comfortable with. I thought I have gotten much better with it but after a little situation a few weeks ago where I was pressured into saying yes to something, I knew I haven't learned that lesson yet. saying no is still hard for me.

2. life is not a constant identity crisis

I'm very hard on myself and have always been. I can easily pressure myself and get very upset when I feel like I'm failing especially when it comes to my career and education. it makes me feel like I'm not good enough or that I won't be where I want to be. I also question every move I make and that makes for the perfect identity crisis. it's hard for me to let go and just let things be or develop as they should. its probably the hardest lesson for me and I don't know if I will ever master it truly but for my peace, I will have to learn to not create the feeling of a constant crisis.

3. its okay to need lone time

some people thrive and renew their energy from being in a social situation which is absolutely fine but I'm not one of those. in order to feel motivated and energized again and in fact, I'm most productive and relaxed when I'm by myself. as much as I love being with my friends, I need my me-time and even though I know its okay to allow myself that, I feel bad when I say no to going out or I don't want to be surrounded by many people as I almost feel like it drains me. what makes me feel even worse is that there are still some people who don't understand where I'm coming from which makes this lesson very hard to learn for me.

4. not every person is good for you

I have been very lucky in my life to be surrounded by loving, kind and generally very good people. I like taking care of my friendships and investing in people which makes so hard when one person turns out to just not be good for you. I like giving more chances than one might deserve even if I know someone is dragging me down or is just not good for me. it happened to me many times in my life and leaves me feeling very uneasy and upset.

my outfit

shirt: ZARA
jeans: Primark
Shoes: Primark

are there lessons you still have to learn which may be hard for you? please let me know and let's learn them together.


oh, the busy days and weeks. you have no idea how happy I am that I managed to schedule blog posts to go up because otherwise there wouldn't have been posts at all. my boss went on holiday which means I had to take on loads more work as I'm one of the very few who can take over his tasks and I'm exhausted. two weeks packed full back to back and obviously, I'm used to working but not to such a heavy workloads but we made it. I'm now looking forward to some me time and time to work on my content again if the heat lets me. a proper heat wave hit us and I can't cope with it. its just boiling and humid and even after last nights thunderstorm, it has barely cooled down. I'm fine with temperatures up to 25 degrees but everything above is too much and 33 degrees certainly is.

what I did
basically, I was working all day, every day. I also tried to make sure my flat doesn't look like a tip which I successfully managed. other than work and spending my evenings cuddled up on the sofa with my boyfriend and cats. due to a few family trips, my weekends were packed with activities too. my parents are currently in Oxford and I happily agreed to take care of their dog in exchange for some malteaser teasers and even though a dog is so much more work than just cats, it has been so lovely so far.

what I didn't do
well, I actually haven't seen my friends in a while. might sound sad to some but I haven't had time and I don't enjoy rushing around after work and would much rather be with my boyfriend or family or just spend time by myself.

what I ate
I have been really good with my healthy food and that really comforts me when I'm busy. I recently have become obsessed with healthy bars and my favourite right now is the raw bite bar. they are so good and just what I need sometimes.

what I want to do next week
next week will be way more relaxing and I can finally focus on creating more content. I have a few locations in mind and I want to capture summer as good as I can. it will be very warm and sunny again so I hope I can create cone good golden hour shots.

one word to describe the past week


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