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despite always being on the hunt for new makeup to add into my massive collection and having a wishlist longer than my small self, i have to say i never really bought anything that really did not work for me. maybe i'm just lucky but i think its because i read many reviews before buying something which is one of the many, many reasons why i love this community so much. being a makeup hoarder means having items that you love but don't really use and most of the time its not because i don't like them, i love them, but i just forget to include them into my daily routine. so i decided i would blog about them and make myself use them more. please remind me, i don't want to waste the makeup i spend my money on.

shop your stash

as most of you might know, i'm a palette hoarder. i have too many and i adore every single one i have but theres one i seem to not really use as much. its the naked 3 palette from urban decay. i looooove the way it looks, i love the pinky toned shades, i love everything about it but yet, i forget to use it. no idea why and i actually have to use it more as its just so beautiful. i blame my love for palettes for not using this very luxe product. its the by terry ombré blackstar in misty rock. its beautiful. such a unique shade, its creamy and easy to use but i just opt for one of my palettes every single time which is why i placed this one with my palettes now so i use it for good. once again my palettes loving kicked in and since i got the benefit cheek parade palette i don't use my single blushes anymore. my favourite drugstore option actually is the maxfactor cream puff blush...i really have to get this out more often. i'm a lipstick lover and despite using a different one almost every single day there are two i adore but always forget. its my mac lipstick in impassioned which is a very hot pink. its beautiful, especially in the summer, the other one is kat von d liquid lipstick in mother. i love myself a mauvey nude and mother is just that but i forget about it all the time. when it comes to foundations, i usually go for nars which is why i forget about my too faced born this way foundation. i bought it last summer and its a bit dark for winter but now that i have a tan i should really use it more. maybe on a day when its not too hot and it won't melt down my face.

do you have products you always forget about but love? please shop your stash now and let me know if you found something you forgot about but you should use more.


happy sunday my loves. i hope your survived the heat wave we had to deal with and i hope you had a beautiful and productive week and a relaxing and treat worthy weekend. whilst you are reading this, i'm actually out for a day trip with my entire family. first we are driving out to a nature reserve to see otters being fed. i personally adore otters. they are just so adorable and cute but also very rare here in germany which is why i'm excited to see them in their natural habitat. after that we will be exploring the region my family is from which is just out of berlin and i can't wait for all the stories my granddad has to tell. day trips with my family are always so lovely and i just cerish those memories. also, i really want to make more of an effort to explore my surroundings instead of dreaming to travel far all the time.

what i did
i feel like this week flew by. i have no idea what happened really but i feel like i blinked once and its sunday. i was very busy with uni as i have exams and a presentation coming up. besided that i enjoyed the weather wit a good old catch up with my friends with a bit of shopping. i also went to fete de la musique on thursday which is a day full of free concerts, gigs and dj sets all over the city and we sat in outside listening to music. it was great. as its my sisters birthday weekend we went to a beautiful and big las vegas style show, had dinner out and we surprised my sister with a trip to london in july. just my sister and i and i can't wait.

what i didn't do
i only had one workout...one...not good. to be fair, i felt pretty under the weather and was also running around like a mad woman as i had so much to do. i also didn't start vlogging until friday and i hope that vlog makes it up on monday.

what i ate
i'm obsessed with watermelon juice. its so refreshing and sweet and good for you. i just blend up fresh watermelon with a bit of lime and some ice and its too good to be true. i adore it.

what i want to do next week
okay. i thought sephora would be opening on thursday. guess what? its opening in munich first so thats not gonna happen. i have so much uni work to do and i want to get as much done as i can and also workout as much as i can.

one word to describe the past week


everyone whos been on this little blog before might know that i'm a huge lush lover. its just one of my all time favourite shops ever and its mainly because soaking in a bubble filled bath for ages is one of the most relaxing things i could ever imagine. something i actually prefer to buying myself endless bath supplies is buying them for others. shouldn't you always buy something for others that you would actually love to receive yourself? so for today i thought it would be fun to show you what i would gift someone from lush. all these items actually will be giftet to someone and i hope that very special person will be happy with it.

wrap it with pink string
so, i usually just go for gift sets around christmas and completely forgot that they do them all year around. because i was going for a very pink theme one really caught my eye and its the having a blast gift set. it contains the pink flamingo bubble bar and rub rub rub body scrub. both products are so lovely looking and i love bubble bars, especially the ones that can be used multiple times. i've never tried one of the solid body scrubs but this one looks so sweet and surely is amazing. 
whenever i gift items i like to include things i love myself and ones that i haven't tried so one item i adore is the french kiss bubble bar. the lavender scent it so soothing and its the perfect bath to take when you need a pamper night. the think pink bath bomb recently got a new look. its now glittery pink. despite it being so pink and so glittery, the scent isn't as crazy as i thought it would be. it smells floral with hints of tonka beans and vanilla. so good. 
one of their new items is the scrubee, another solid body scrub. not only does it look so adorable but its also the lush scent i adore. the very creamy and lovely cocoa butter scent. its not an in your face scent and its just so lovely. almonds and coconut are used as the actual peeling. it also contains shea butter and honey.

i can't wait to finally wrap up those lush gifts, fill a big gift bag with tissue and give it to someone i love. gifting is just beautiful. if you want i could do more of those gift posts in the future for you, so please let me know what you think and what you would gift from lush or would like to receive.


lipsticks might just be my favourite thing to buy ever and i do have more than one single girl would ever need or use but i keep on adding into my collection anyway. first, because brands keep on coming out with new formulas or colours and everything seems to be so shiny and exciting and second of all, because a lipstick can transform your entire makeup and can truly make you feel way more confident. to me, finishing off a look with the right colour of lipstick can finish off my entire look and it can complete my outfit. despite me adding new shades into my collection on quite a regular, there are colours i always, aaaaalways go back to. mainly because i love the colours and als because some lipsticks make me feel weirdly nostalgic or remind me of how it all started. 

the reds
red might be my all time favourite lipstick colour. a simple makeup, winged liner and a red lip. thats perfection to me and i remember going into mac for the second time in my life to buy russian red. smelling a mac lipstick always reminds me of me just getting into this exciting world of bloggers and how much i fell in love with it. russian red is the perfect classic blue toned matte red. it works always, it makes your teeth look white and to me its the perfect shade of red. a perfect dupe for that ut slightly more shiny is the rimmel kate moss lipstick in 01. such an old school favourite and again, the smile reminds me of just graduating from school and discovering rimmel in danish drugstores. it again is a lovely true red colour and i adore it so much.

the oranges
when i first got into makeup, i never thought orange lipstick would be a thing for me but seeing zoella weating it so much, i gave it a go and, infact, the first ever mac lipstick i ever bought was so chaude. a really lovely orange red. i think its such an underrated product because its beautiful. so summery and i adore it. its so bright and so fun but so easy to wear. i think it is one of my most worn lipsticks and i just love it so much. a more true orange and probably the original zoella orange is topshop infrared. its so creamy and easy to wear and looks like summer but i wear it all year around. i have no idea if its still available and if topshop still does it but they should. its such a classic old school blogging colour.

the nudes and the pink
if you would ask me what my favourite lipstick is, i would probably say the kevyn aucoin matte lip cream in forever. its the most perfect peachy bright pink and when icovetthee showed it ages ago i knew i had to have it. luckily, my boyfriend bought it for my birthday and i'm still using it and loving it. its perfect and such a luxe one. when it comes to nudes i think you are really tired of me praising the charlotte tilbury pillow talk lipstick but let me just say one last thing: its so good and you need it. my all time favourite drugstore nude is without a doubt the l'oréal jlos nude. its perfection. its quite warm toned and doesn't make me look dead. again, i have no idea if its still out there to buy but if it is, go and get it.

here we are. my all time favourite lipsticks. i couldn't wait to share this with you because the photos came out so perfectly and they might be my favourites ever. so let me know what your favourite lipsticks are.


another weeks is over and every time i get to sit down to type up this post it reminds of how fast time is going by and how quickly one week can pass and all the exciting things happening within the net few weeks. one things is actually happening in about a month but just in case a special someone is watching i'm not going to tell you right now, but net week. its my sister birthday comming up, we have plenty of family trips planned and my summer term and last term at uni is almost over...what? it seems like yesterday when i went for the first time. its doesn't mean i get my degree because i have to do big exams next year but still. how am i almost done with my education? i'm not ready to be all grown up yet. i totally get why people have multiple degrees, at the moment that seems easier to me than entering adult full time working life.

what i did
whilst we a talking about uni and education, i passed my final dissertation. wooohooo. such a relief. i still have to present it and write a long exam but the biggest step is done and passed. everyone was so happy with me which made it all even better. despite that great thing i had a pretty slow week. i had loads of blogging and uni work today and was basically lued to my desk all week. the only break was for some pho eating which was delightful. since i felt quite poorly and not good really, i enjoyed some me time and it was very good.

what i didn't do
because i felt pretty poorly i didn't do my workouts and thats fine because a workout probably wouldn't have been the best idea for me. 

what i ate
healthy as always but right when i sat down to type up this post my boyfriend offered me some häagen dazs cookies & cream ice cream. so yummy and a well deserved treat. i feel like i can enjoy treat food a lot more when i only have it once a week.

what i want to do next week
next week will be filled with uni work once again because now i can't wait to finish my term with good grades. its also my sisters birthday weekend coming up and thats always exciting right? other than that i have no plans right now. that might change but who knows, i might stay home with my cat and boyfriend.

one word to describe the past week


hello lovelies, today its another quite different and a bit more personal post for you. i have been mentioning over on my instagram and my sunday mood series here that i have been switching up my eating habits and i want to share that journey with you. eating habits, weightloss and growing your confidence can be a tough topic to talk about and it certainly isn't the easiest for me but i feel like i'm finally at a good place to talk about is especially since i'm working on it now. its never too late, not even when you're 23 and also not fo you're 15 or 40.

my struggles
i don't remember ever being happy with myself. ever. even when i was a kid. i always thought i was too small and weight too much and always thought my stomach wasn't flat enough even though i was a completely normal child. the only thing i always liked was being active. i did dancing, gymnastics and competetive riding but i was never really confident with myself. it got even worse when i was a young teenager and me being a late bloomer, i had a very low self esteem being surrounded by girls who seemed to be so confident with who they were, they were brave enough to wear makeup, pretty clothes and had boyfiends. something i thought would never happen to me. i gained weight in my early teenage years, probably because of hormones and because i turned to food when i wasn't happy and i was beyond upset. i signed up to a gym, worked out almost daily and changed my eating habits. i lost all the weight i had put on but it spiraled into me dealing with my eating and i, infact, lost so much weight that i was underweight and dealt with and eating disorder. something that still is in me but very much burried down. it took me years to overcome it but i never gained my confidence back. 

why i decided to change
i feel like i've gained some weight in the past year which is probably because i had some struggles with my stomach due to my birth control and some other factors and most food i couldn't eat. when i finally was able to do so again, i did and obviously put on weight because i'm not blessed with a super fast metabolism. i don't own a scale because of my struggles with an eating disorder but i felt more and more uncomfortale, my clothes were getting tighter and i felt very sluggish and just not happy so one night, after being massively inspired by my mum who stepped up her diet and workout game and looks just brilliant, i decided its time to do something. my struggles with my body have consumed me all my life and i just want to be happy with myself, enjoy the summer, be happy in a swimsuit or a nice dress. confidence does not come with being a certain size at all but for me it does and it is what i want to work on.

my journey so far
despite me having lost weight now and toned up, i don't weight myself, i measure myself. so i started educating myself about food and workouts and what i can do to get rid of the pounds i'm not happy with in a healthy way and i joined an online programme which is 12 weeks but can be extended for as long as you please. as i always loved working out, i just slightly changed my routine. i'm still doing it 3 times per week but i included more body weight exercises and hiit cardio (not the biggest fan but it works) but a workout only is 30% of your journey. 70% is what you put into your body. i'm currently on a slow carb diet which means allowing myself good and whole carbs in the morning, such as oats, rye or dark bread and thats it. throughout the day i eat carb free. loads of veggies and protein and a little bit of fruit. no sugars, no fast food. i have one cheat day a week and thats it. 
it might sound hard but actually its not and i haven't felt this good in years. i feel way more energized, productive and fully satisfied. i feel light if that makes sense. when i have some grilled salmon and salad for lunch i feel so greatly fueled but not heavy and sluggish which is how i felt when i had a pasta dish. its unreal. my skin is flawless and i just feel so good about myself and i have no craving as  know i can enjoy a bit of ice cream on my cheat day, which i like to call treat day. i don't feel the need to go crazy when i treat myself. i eat my normal diet but maybe add some pasta in with my lunch and have a chocolate bar when i want. i never ever thought it would be so easy and i saw my body changing so quickly. i have lost almost 10 cm at my hips and waist and its just unreal. the mom jeans i'm wearing today were tight when i bought them and now i could easily go for a size down, maybe even two...its just unreal.

what works for me might not work for everyone and i'm aware of that. everyone is different and has different goals but whatever you'd like to change about you, you can. its your body and your life. it might not be easy but its worth it and i'm here with you. i'm working with you and i'm working on myself so i can hopefully one day say, i'm confident being me.


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