welcome to the rosy days of life or in other words: I'm on holiday and I couldn't be happier. going on our annual family summer holiday just means so much to me and is time I value a lot. we are very close as a family and spending time as just the four of us are so soothing and calming and it makes me feel truly relaxed. scandinavia is one of our favourite destinations and I have spent many summers up in Sweden and Denmark, enjoying the scandi lifestyle. this year, we decided to stay in a beautiful wooden summer house right be the ocean close to Gothenburg but we are also going to be going to Copenhagen for a week too. 


I will try my best to vlog my trip for you. first of all, I want to show you around and take you with me but I also want to look back on this and remember it for times when my next trip seems to be ages away. vlogs are my favourite video to film, edit, upload and actually watch myself and I hope I can be brave enough to vlog in public because I do have to work on that. 


I will try my best to keep my usual schedule on here rolling with fresh posts straight from Scandinavia but if I'm a bit off, please forgive me. I hope I can create loads of content whilst being here to share my love for Scandinavia with you. if you have any requests for posts, please leave them in the comments. 

my outfit

Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Asos
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Location: Billdal, Sweden

this might be quite a short post compared to my usual content but I just wanted to keep you up to date and share some beautiful pictures I took yesterday and I hope you are ready for some holiday content. I will do my best to keep you all updated. 


holiday season is in full force and almost everyone I know is leaving to spend their time somewhere else, maybe by the beach or exploring a new city. its also almost time for my holiday and when you are reading this I'm probably trying to pack or trying to get through my to-do list without completely losing it. I overpack and take too much, especially when it comes to clothing. maybe its because I'm already planning ahead for all the content I want to shoot whilst I'm there but when it comes to makeup, I have it down. I know what I love and want to use when being away. most of them are firm favourites and work for me always which I find to be essential when I'm away. I don't want any experiments and just enjoy myself and my makeup.

I prefer a lighter base in general and have a couple of favourites but there's one I prefer to use when it's warmer and when I have a bit more of a tan even though I don't really tan very well. its the it cosmetics cc cream. its leaves my skin looking very natural and glowy but freckles still show through which I love. if it fades, it fades naturally and never looks or feels heavy. it's my perfect summer base. eyebrows might be one of essential parts of my daily makeup routine and I use an eyebrow pencil most days and a gel every day. the l'oréal brow artist plumper. it combines the perfect little tint with making sure my brows stay in place and just look so much better. it probably is the best brow gel I have ever used. as soon as its getting warmer, I find myself using cream or liquid products way more. it just feels lighter on the skin and matches a glowy summers look very well. the benefit gogo tint is beautiful for that and I always get them out whenever it starts getting warmer. the gogo tint has the perfect colour and it blends in so nicely which makes it perfect for me. it's just a little hue of colour if you want it to be and it looks so natural and beautiful. I do love natural makeup and I do love highlighter. it doesn't have to be blinding all the time. its just that extra glow that looks so beautiful and I can't stop with it. my favourite this year and probably forever will be the anastasia beverly hills amrezy highlighter. it just is the perfect product. so anastasia beverly hills does not only do amazing highlighters with amrezy, they also do brilliant eyeshadows. the soft glam palette has been my go-to product ever since I bought it back in France. the colours are beautiful and just what I want to use for either a very simple look or even for drinks out. it has glitters and shimmers and everything you want. the palette has a bit of fallout and the velvet packaging is not ideal but the colours and the way they blend makes up for it. to keep on praising anastasia beverly hills, their liquid lipsticks are amazing too. crush is my favourite shade to wear and its the kind of nude that goes with everything else. I find it to be comfortable to wear and easy to remove even though it stays put all day long.
there are a few body and skincare items I couldn't go without. the sugar crush bodywash smells like summer and it refreshes me so well. its the perfect holiday scent for me. it also preps my skin very well for tanning. I don't tan on a regular but my legs are usually very pasty and that not a good look in a nice summers dress. the isle of paradise tanning water is what I have been using for that. it so easy to apply and smells very nice for a tanning product. it's easy to apply and the colour it gives works very well for me. one of the best products for hot days and holidays is the nuxe after sun shower gel. its lovely and removes sunscreen, chlorine, sand and salt and refreshes the skin after a day out in the sun. if you are off to a warm place, you need it in your life. last but not least it's the best toner I have ever used. the fresh rose hydrating toner. it feels so lovely to use it on my skin after a long day in the sun or exploring because it tones my skin but doesn't stripit and it's just beautiful.

so here we have my holiday beauty essentials. what are yours? have you used any of the products I mentioned? let me know!


Self-care is a topic which really came into focus over the past years and I couldn't be happier that it is, in fact, a topic people openly discuss and practice. Taking care of your mental and physical health in order to keep everything of you happy and healthy and making sure you can tackle every possible challenge with knowing that you are in tune with yourself and that's it is not only right but necessary to take breaks even if they are just little 5 minute breaks to focus on nothing but yourself. Even when self-care wasn't openly discussed, I noticed that I needed little routines to make sure my mental health wouldn't slip. I easily stress and worry and find myself anxious sometimes too. After years of figuring out what exactly it is that makes me feel I'm taking care of myself I felt like it would be a good thing to talk about those little breaks with you.

a cup of tea

my days can get really busy and between work and running my social media, spending time with my boyfriend and family, see my friends and keep up my social life and make sure my flat looks pleasant and both of us have enough smart shirts cleaned and ironed for work the next day, I like to just take a few minutes and enjoy my cup of tea just by myself. no phone beside me and no screen in front of me. it just clears my head and makes me refocus on what in front of me. I think it's important to try and have a few minutes off screen and just get yourself into perspective. I also try and have any type of food off screen and not whilst editing photos or answering e-mails and it truly keeps me sane.

riding my bike home

recently, I have been riding my bike to and from work and it has made such a change. I like that it gets my heart rate up and that it totally clears my mind. I usually struggle with arriving home mentally after work. I almost feel like my brain is in a fog and it takes me quite a while until I can truly relax and enjoy my off time. riding my bike home has made such a difference in that. by the time I'm home, I'm truly home. I can focus on time with my boyfriend and friends and can be creative. 

allowing myself to stay at home

I love my home, I always have but we all get pressured sometimes to leave it when really you would just prefer to just snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of wine and some Netflix too. obviously, I love seeing my friends and going out but sometimes it's not what I need or should do to take care of myself and recharge. after all the years I learned that I can only truly recharge and practice my self-care when I have lone time. just an evening by myself will do wonders after a hard week which is why I sometimes have to opt out of social situations.

spending time at my parent's house

there always be something so soothing and calming about my parent's house. maybe because it means instant safety and comfort to me. its the way it smells, it's sitting out in the garden with one of the cats on my lap and having my parents close. because my family is so close I'm at my parent's house on a very regular basis and there's nothing better sometimes. it's not that I need to do much when I'm down there, it's just enjoying the comfort of my childhood home.

my outfit

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Sostrene Grene
Beret: H&M

is there anything you love doing to take care of youself? what recharges you and keeps you sane and healthy? please let me know.


Do I love my home? Yes, I do. Sometimes you will just need a day on your sofa or in your bed with Netflix going and a steady snack supply. No proper clothes, no makeup and no intent to leave the comfort of your duvet and home. Sometimes I crave one of those days and it is a beautiful thing to do once in a while but when my duvet day gets to an end, I get an urge to go outside and explore. I want to pack my bags, take some picnic foods and find the most beautiful and locations outside in nature. It can be wanting to feel a warm summer breeze or to smell of the rain after a very hot day. It can be very frosty morning air and the golden light of autumn, being the first one to walk on fresh snow or finding the most beautiful flowers in spring when winter seemed too long to ever pass. I spend a lot of my time outside. Maybe its because I hunt down locations to shoot content or living in a very green part of the city or maybe its because I spend a good chunk of my time riding my horse through fields, forest and wilderness but there's no better option to clear your mind or getting inspired. Maybe work was tough or the weather forecast for the weekend looks too good to be true. Just get out.


Most of the time there's it no set goal or endpoint. There's nowhere I want to be and its mainly just wandering. I might start at a beautiful location I have seen driving past and as soon as I get out of my car and just start walking and wandering, there doesn’t need to be a goal point. It's just about being in the moment and taking everything in as it happens and it's so soothing especially when life is very hectic and you need some time to get away from it all. Just wander and be.


Is there a very good hiking trail where you are which rewards you with beautiful nature and a breathtaking view? Or is there some sort of manor house and garden super close which you have yet to visit? Go out and explore it. I think everyone can be guilty of not fully enjoying and exploring their surroundings and instead we find ourselves dreaming of dreamy destinations further away. Why not take advantage of what is easily accessible for you? Its something I have actively been working on the past years and I can’t stress enough how much it has changed my outlook on where I’m from and it has only nurtured my wish to explore even more so why not start with all the beauty around you?


It's not always fun to get outside by yourself even though I don’t mind some me time to make a plan out of it to get people you love involved too. You can wander together, you can explore together and make memories together. If you prefer more talking than walking, a picnic or fruit picking would be a great option for you. If it's hot you can sit by the lake or river and cool down whilst catching up. Even a little bench by the fields will do and its a probably a lot more relaxing than a loud bar or really busy restaurant. Just mixing things up a but will work wonders.


The best thing about getting out is experiencing different seasons and weathers. It might be summer now and I love exploring golden meadows and endless flowers fields but I’m so looking forward to crips autumn walks, picking pumpkins and maybe doing a little bonfire outside too. I miss wrapping up all warm and going on walks and breathing in very cold winter air. It's something you can dream about and wait for it to happen. Even thouh spring is barely over, I can’t wait to see all the cherry trees in bloom next year and get excited about it all over again.

my outfit

Shirt: Asos
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Bought on a Market in France
Sunglasses: Quay

do you like getting out and what is your favourite activity to do outside? please let me know.


Long gone are the times were plastic bags in stores are a regular thing and glass or metal straws are a staple not only Instagram worthy households. Due to being raised by what I lovingly call an organic mum, I was always more conscious of my consuming habits, of how I shop and where my food comes from. I was raised with organic and seasonal produce, did not eat McDonald's once in my childhood and ready meals were not seen in our house at all. instead, my mum was part of what was called a food coop. Organic produce was not widely available in every store and when you had special requirements such as organic baby food, it was simply not affordable. My parents and a few friends grouped together and ordered organic products straight from the supplier and spread them within the community. What seems like a hippy daydream, was a very beautiful reality. I still remember the smell of all seasonal and organic fruit and veg which was loaded into someones remodeled garage and my mum sorting it away into everyone's order. Obviously, there was a phase in my life when I got upset about not having sugary chocolate bars in my lunchbox and there were many McDonalds visits in my teens but ultimately, trying to live sustainable consuming organic and seasonal produce almost runs in my genes and I’m really thankful to my parents that they raised me that way. Over the years, I’ve tried to make small changes in my life which would ultimately mean a more sustainable lifestyle in order to preserve a world that is livable for generations to come.

Bring your own bag

As simple as that sounds but always buying or asking for a plastic bag when you buy food or go shopping is a really wasteful behavior. It might look prettier and when its a paper bag I don’t feel as bad but it is actively creating waste. So please do the planet your living on a favor and bring your own bags. I use big Ikea bags for food shopping and small cotton tote bags or even the very on trend net bags on the go and it will make a difference. I always have a bag in my handbags and one in my car just in case I need one and let's be honest, a big Ikea bag fits loads more grocery bags than a flimsy little plastic bag, it won’t rip and it a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Watch your animal product intake

I’m not vegan myself but I support everyone who is and everyone who decides to learn about where their food comes from. sadly, consuming animal products in today's society is not exactly sustainable which is why I actively decided to make changes when it comes to what and how I eat. Meats is a luxury product and since I’m not the biggest meat eater, it wasn’t hard for me to cut down on that. If I do eat it, I make sure its organic and if I can I buy from local farms. It's pricey but because I class meat as a luxury item that's fine with me. I’m currently working on cutting cows milk and other milk products out of my diet and finding better alternatives to it.

Eat and shop locally and seasonally

How can one believe that its normal to consume strawberries in December when you live in northern Europe? Its possible in today's society but it's not sustainable. Whilst strawberry season typically starts in June, the ones you can buy in December will have traveled miles to you and most likely won’t taste as good. I personally like to shop for fresh produce which is in season and if I can, I will buy locally too. Its very easy to educate yourself on seasonal fruit and veg and sticking to the seasons actually can be very fun. I went fruit picking at a local farm recently and not only was everything super fresh and delicious, it also was a great day spent with my family and we even cooked our own jam so we can enjoy a taste of summer fruits in winter too.

Tailor it to you

Making changes to the way you live can be serious work and it will take time to find the perfect balance for yours. Not everything works for everyone. I don’t know if I could go fully vegan but its all about trying, educating yourself and ultimately caring about what is going on in your environment. Even little steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle will help ultimately and I find it to be quite a rewarding experience too. Just figure out what will work for you.

my outfit

Dress: PrettyLittleThing
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Dille & Kamille

do you have any changes that made your life more sustainable? please share them in the comment section.


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