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i like writing about topics i feel like i know at least a bit off so writing about skincare feels a bit risky because as much as i love it and love learning more about it, i feel like i don't know as much as i should. i'm not caroline hirons and i'm not pretending i am but i felt like this post and joined video could be very helpful. skin is precious and something you should look after and i like looking after mine but most skincare items that are talked about a lot are very, very pricey. probably rightly so but i'm a student, i live on my own and i want to have a stable routine and i want to be able to afford my skincare products at any time. maybe some of you are with me on that so i hope this post will be helpful.

find your skin type
obviously a vital part of having a proper routine is treating your skin based on your type. my found mine according to sali hughes in her book pretty honest. i have dehydrated skin which means my skin looks best when i just got out of the shower or just washes it with water and i sometimes get dry patches when i haven't been looking after it properly. it also can feel a bit tight whenever its not moisturized is the right way.

keeping it simple
whenever it comes to my routine itself, i like keeping it simple and easy to do. in the morning, i wash my face with water, shock horror. it just works best and i think you can over do skincare. why use 3 cleansers in the morning when water does the job. in the morning i use the nivea day cream for sensitive skin. its a very basic cream and is hydrated my skin so well over the whole day and keeps it plump and smooth. makeup sits on it very well too. for night time and for days when i don't wear any makeup i like opting for something a bit more rich. i use the garnier hydra bomb night cream. its a gel texture and just sits on my skin longer and makes it feel so hydrated over a long period of time. it also makes it so much softer and i love it.
for cleansers i use garnier products as well which are essentially the same. one is the classic garnier micellar water and the other one is the new micellar cleansing gel which i like using all over my face to take my makeup off and the classic micellar water to take my eye makeup off and thats basically it. its easy, simple and quick and get the job done. i like having the same routine and sticking with it.

so here we are. my drugstore skincare routine. when i have a bigger budget, i will probably venture into the expensive and shiny skincare world but until then i'm very happy with the routine i have and it works for me. it cheap and cheerful and i hope this video helped some of you in some way.


ever since i got into make up eyeshadow and blush palettes were the products which drew me in. i wanted them and still want them, all of them. one of my first ever high end makeup products was the orginal urban decay naked palette and i still love and cherish it even though i probably need a new one because it truly has seen better days. luckily, i have more than enough eyeshadow palettes to last me a life time and use them on a daily so i wanted to dedicate a whole post to them and share my thoughts and favourites with you.

so much choice

this can be great but also overwhelming for many. i usually get inspired by a choice of many colours and it reminds me to try something else every now and then when i have time to get ready in peace and don't have to rush to be at uni on time. to me, theres always a reason to buy a new palette and there are so many i want lately. one of my favourites for neutral tones is the too faced chocolate bar palette. not only does it smell like choclate, the colours are just what i want in life. very neutral and warm and the quality of the eyeshadows i just unreal. so smooth and beautiful to blend. when i don't go for brown neutrals i like some light pinks and mauve tones and the perfect palette for that has to be the urban decay naked 3. its by far the most beautiful one packaging wise out of all the naked palettes. its so spring like and beautiful and as soon as i feel like spring is here, i whip it out and use it. its probably no secret that the quality of urban decay eyeshadows is just brilliant. all of them just work and look beautiful.

build your own

even though i probably have every shade under the sun already, i like the idea of building your own palette. i got an empty mac pro palette a while back and only managed to fill up to pans with the shades all that glitters and tempted. i really need to step up my game and finally fill it up. its probably a good idea to make it my goal for this year to finally fill it up and show you the final palette at the end of year. watch this space.

on a budget

i've featured pretty pricey items in this post so far but there are so many amazing options out there when being on a budget. my favourite brand for that has to be makeup revolution. their palettes are unreal and so super good. i use the blush palettes on a daily and when it comes to value for money they are just a winner. to me, their blushes are just as good as expensive ones and they also do amazing eyeshadow palettes which are massive dupes for high end palettes. 

so here we are, sharing some love for palettes. they are just my favourite and probably will ever be. what about you? are you a palettes person or do you prefer singles or quads?


hello my loves and welcome back to this weeks sunday mood. i feel like this week truly flew by and i don't really know how or what i did because it went in the blink of an eye. crazy. how? i have been in a true planning mode today and feel like everything will work out just perfectly because so far, 2017 has been a treat. really, it was been great and i hope it goes on like that. my birthday month is truly but surely creeping up and looking at my agenda, it will be such a busy month with lots of things planned and lots of deadlines uni wise. i'm currently planning how to attend a wedding when i can't find a dress to wear and how i can make my birthday afternoon tea party just perfect but i'm sure i'll do so many posts about that when the time is ready.

what i did
just like every week so far, i was at library typing up my final assignment and i have to say, i was very productive and now know where i want to take it and right now i'm pretty happy with myself. that could change again next week but for now i'm enjoying that feeling quite a bit. because i really wanted to get in spring mode i helped my mum with her garden and also finally got my balcony spring ready with some beautiful flowers. it actually started feeling like spring and my boyfriend and i had such a beautiful walk and took pictures for the blog too.

what i didn't do
film...i started but as its not really a sit down video it takes a bit longer and i have been such a busy bee and i had no time at all. also, i would love to go back to the gym but no time...after it all calms down, i'm sure i will be able to do more on that front.

what i ate
this week i decided to switch my eating habits around and decided to now have sugar unless its a treat day which usually is sunday and i'm doing pretty well. i feel like i had a lot of bad comfort foods lately and i always feel a million times better when i eat well and healthy. i made so many yummy salads too and i'm pretty happy. for tomorrow however, i have a huge chocolate chip cookie waiting for me and i know it will be glorious.

what i want to do next week
i want to get my assignment as much finished as i can because that would make me so proud. also, i would have enough time to make sure it also looks good and is just the way my profs required it. also, i want to pay lush a visit and maybe pick up some easter bits. other than that its just library and filming on my agenda.

one word to describe the past week


i will say, i don't really have a favourite season. i love all of them, i love living in a country where i get to have all of them. from freezing cold and snowy winters to hot and humid summers but i have to say, i have a thing for spring. maybe because its my birthday month in april, maybe because i feel like its a fresh start. fresh greens, fresh flowers, fresh sunny days. whenever i see little bits of fresh green peaking through the grey and empty bushes, i get a little flutter in my tummy. maybe its because my birthday is in spring, maybe because winters are quite cold here.

bring on all the bloom

seeing all the pictures from london bloggers makes me so jealous. pink tress already. maybe its because climate is quite harsh here but i just love the colours. light green, blue skies, pink and white blossoms everywhere and almost a glance of hot summer nights that can be spend sitting outside with friends. i almost want to gather all my things and do a picnic in our still bare courtyard and i love seeing the smile on peoples faces as soon as the first warmer day rolls around. like we all waited for it.
maybe i like all the seasons and celebrating them because my parents always told us to. we probably spend more time outside than inside.

spring fashion

one thing i love about the transitional seasons is that the fashion probably is my fave. i don't die sweating or freezing and i can still wear nice flowy shirts, jeans, some cute flats or slippers and light coats. pared with a nice pair of shades and i'm good to go. its exciting to me and most fun to dress. maybe because i don't feel comfortable in short dresses and skirts and i also don't think my massive coat is too fashionable and i don't think i can show it on here all the time either. its probably my favourite time to dress and shop.

what about you? are you excited for spring or would you rather skip it and go straight to summer? let me know.


i love my nails and polish and have collected many many essie polishes over the years. i'm very, very happy with my collection as i basically love everything about essie i keep on adding new shades in. ever since i started getting gel nail extensions, i have been loving all my polishes even more because they just look better on nice nails and when you put your own polish over gel nails, its stays on for ages, doesn't chip and looks beautiful.
now spring is rolling around and its getting sunny and warm outside and whenever i feel the warmer months are around the corner, i hide away my dark reds and gold glitters, the greys and navy blues to make room for all the fresh and bright colours. the ones that remind me of all the flowers that are about to bloom and in today post i thought i would share them with you. so maybe you can find a nice colour for yourself so you can update your spring manicure.

left to right: chasity, island hopping, flowerista

left to right: romper room, fiji, go ginza

i just love a good pink, mauve, violet. especially once i feel like spring is almost here. flowerista is a shade i wanted to try ever since i got it for christmas. its such a pretty purple and a shade i wouldn't usually go for. its such a vibrant and fun spring shade and i can't wait to use it. a fave of mine for a while has been island hopping. its basically the perfect shade of mauve. its so natural but yet exciting and looks great on the nails. chasity probably is quite opposite of it. its a blue toned barbie pink but for some reason it looks so exciting, so fresh on and almost is the pop of colour i want to add to my mostly monochrome looks.
as for the lighter shades, they are all quite similar but yet so special all on their own. go ginza is a very, very pastel lilac. its almost like white mixed in with a tad of lilac just like fiji is white with a bit of pink mixed in. both are certainly my faves. romper room is very similar to fiji but its just a slight bit darker and a bit more peachy i would say.

so here we are, spring on its way, pastels on my nails and i can't wait to embrace it to its fullest. i hope you like those kinds of posts and i hope you get some nail inspo of this post. let me know what your favourite spring shades are.


hello my loves and welcome back to this weeks sunday mood. i can't quite believe that i did 50 of these already. time truly flies and i bet you are all aware of that. after a week full of greyness and drizzle i'm so happy about the bright blue skies and the sunshine. spring rolling around is just so perfect to me and i wish i was sitting on my balcony typing this up but i have no wifi out there so yeah, it probably won't ever happen but i can pretend right? as soon as the sun comes out and it feels like spring i feel like i should do some gardening and plant stuff on my balcony and i will do that soon but its still just tad bit too cold and i want to make sure the flowers last but when i do plant finally, i will let you guys know for sure.

what i did
my weeks are just so super boring lately. i had a job interview on monday which went nicely but i'm not gonna take the offer as its a bit too much for me right now and basically the rest of the week was spend in library glued to one of the desks typing away and to be fair, it wasn't the nicest experience. i literally had to drag myself there by the end of the week because i just don't want to do it but i have to and it will be over soon. after being anti social and feeling sorry for myself all week i went out for some drinks with one of my best friends and it was just perfect to just not talk about uni for once.

what i didn't do
being a super social and exciting person. i feel like everyone is always going places, lunchin' and brunchin' and i live in a library surrounded by books which makes me want to cry but hey ho. you gotta work for your goals.

what i ate
okay, mini eggs weren't really a thing here so milka started doing them last year and i fell head over heels in love. when they brought up the easter stand they had like 7 packs of them there and i literally bought every single one and now, they finally restocked so i had to get some mini eggs...only one pack because i can't have all the sugar all the time.

what i want to do next week
i want to get as much of my homework done as i can and i really want to push myself to just get it done. also, i want to film at least two videos because i want tu upload more and i hope i can make se time to do more outfit shoots but we'll have to see.

one word to describe the past week

what i uploaded last week


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