you know a purchase was a good purchase when you can't stop staring at it and it just sits somewhere in your flat so you can stare at it non stop. when I first saw the famous cult Gaia bag on kate la vies channel it was love at first sight. it might not be pricey when compared to other designer handbags but for what it is I find it quite pricey but I still might treat myself to it for my birthday. so now high street stores are coming out with their version of the bamboo style bags and I love it. when I was browsing Zara a while back I found this amazing mother of pearl looking arc bag and I fell in love. I love pearls, I love the shape and its such a unique piece. it also has a lining so you can't actually see what you carry in your bag. when it arrived I couldn't stop looking at it because it is just so unique and I will probably wear it all spring and summer.

so it only had one outing so far as the weather has been crap but everyone seemed to love it. recently I've been to urban outfitters and they had a deal on books and I finally picked up rupi kaurs books. her poems are just out of this world and they really grab you and make you feel a certain type of way. if you read her books, you will know and if you haven't, get one or both. they are incredible. so I have been taking the sun and her flowers with me when I go out to read through it or read my favourite ones to my friends. the day I took it out it was actually super sunny and nice for once to my Dior dupe from Primark had to come with me too. recently, my hands have been so dry due to the extreme weather outside and there has been only one that helped me and its a Clarins hand cream. its very rich but isn't sticky or oily and my hands are baby soft again now. a new in product that I have is a Charlotte Tilbury matte lipstick in opium noir. I just have a thing for very dark red lipsticks and charlotte tilbury never disappoints. its such a rich colour and has no berry tones which is important to me. another fairly new product has to be the Anastasia Beverly hills amrezy highlighter. it's just the best highlighter I have ever used. its so shimmery and beautiful and truly lifts my complexion. it also is huge and is everything I ever wanted in a highlighter. I obviously take my phone with me everywhere and my iPhone 8 plus is just the best. I'm so happy I upgraded to the plus.

so this is my new favourite bag and I had to share it with you. what do you think? have you tried any of the products I mentioned? let me know.


just when you think spring is on its way, it gets freezing again. just how? after the most beautiful sunshine exactly one week ago, it has been snowing again and now it might be sunny, but oh boy, the wind is freezing cold and I couldn't be further from spring. luckily, I'm flying out to the south of France next week and I can't wait for some sun and so far it looks like we will have loads of it to just get away from winter. the weeks before leaving for a holiday are just the busiest. I still have so much preparing to do and errands to run and I obviously panic ordered some clothes because due to the unwanted wintery weather, my wardrobe is lacking spring. I can't wait to take millions of photos and I'm sure my Instagram will be on fire.

what I did
I feel like this week has been flying by and I have no idea where it went and even though it was only boring admin days, they needed to happen. my granddad has been pretty poorly and it actually has been pretty scary but he luckily is feeling better now. I have been visiting him and helped my grandma with the dogs and just kept him company. I'm also currently planning out blog content to make sure my blog isn't left when I'm away so if you have any requests, leave them in the comments. I also did some work around the apartment because theres always something I can update and I also went to the gym and got such good workouts in. 

what I didn't do
I actually didn't manage to get my nails done and I didn't manage to pick up a new makeup bag because my old one seems to be missing so that's on my to-do list for next week.

what I ate
yet again, when the weeks get stressful my food choices get boring. just salads and soups but I can't wait to make some Italian pasta salad later.

what I want to do next week
next week I have to prepare everything for my holiday. I have to pack, get my nails done and also make sure to film as I want to have a video up when I'm away and I have to work before I can finally leave the office on Thursday. I'm just so excited.

one word to describe the past week


do you have one product that instantly makes you happy? one that you treat yourself to after a pretty hard week or if you achieved something? to me, that's Essie nail polishes. something about the little bottles with the white lids just gets me. they are the perfect little treat and never disappoint me. the colour selection is amazing and no formula works better for me. despite getting my nails done professionally, I still paint them myself and I love doing it. over the years I managed to collect quite a few of them and my collection keeps on growing. so in today's post, after the past weeks seemed to be super busy, I thought I would share my collection with you, in hopes that I finally manage to get my blog schedule back. 

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whats your favourite Essie nail polish? whats the one beauty item that instantly brightens your day?


yes, I do buy a lot of new beauty items every month but it's nearly not enough to do monthly favourites because I tend to use the same products all over again and I don't want it to be repetitive and boring for you to read all over again so I like to do current beauty favourites every now and then to do keep you updated on what I have been loving lately. sometimes I go through periods of not really shaking my beauty routine up and not finding anything new but over the past few weeks I have added some very lovely items in my routine and many of them, I use daily and don't see myself switching them out.

I have a base duo and I can't stop using is the Becca first light priming filter and the new Nars radiant long wear foundation. both on their own are amazing but together they are the perfect combo. the primer is not too sticky, it just lights my skin up and makes everything look so much more radiant. the new Nars foundation might be my new favourite foundation. it's just so smooth an glowy and makes my skin look flawless whilst feeling so light. nars foundations just are something else and the new foundation is no exception. theres one facial feature that is extremely important to me even though I don't think I have figured out how to do mine perfectly and its eyebrows. one of my friends has the perfect brows and she recommended the Manhatten eyebrow pencil in brow-nie. it's so smooth and pigmented and from the drugstore too. my brows have never looked better.
theres one highlighted everyone is talking about and rightly so. its the Anastasia Beverly Hills amezy highlighter. its the perfect highlighter. a very light champagne colour which almost looks wet. its beautiful and I would highly recommend picking it up. you won't regret it. for my eyes, I have been using a palette I that I kinda forgot about. it's the new and bigger Carli Bybel palette. I love Carli and her youtube channel and loved her first one. its so affordable and the shadows are pigmented and easy to blend and I actually use the highlight shades on my lids too. if you don't have much money to spend on palettes, this one is the one to go for. for my lips, I have been reaching for mac lipsticks again. to me, they are foolproof and always have a shade that finishes my look. pink plaid is an old favourite for me. its a mauve toned pink and it looks just a tad more playful and spring-like than my average nude and because it has been so cold and lips have been seriously suffering, I can't go a day without my nuxe reve de miel. its hands down the best lip balm I have ever used.
last but not least it's my new favourite hair care product and its the stemm black fulvic conditioner. its the best thing ever and my hair has never felt and looked better. even my hairdresser said that he hasn't seen long and healthy hair as mine in ages so that proves how amazing that product is.

so here we have my current beauty favourites. have you tried any of those products? what are your favourites?


can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that easter is incredibly close? how? it maybe is because Easter is in March this year and since I'm an April baby, I'm so used to it being around my birthday. I can't even count the number of birthdays I celebrated around Easter which always involved no party with friends on my actual birthday because it was Easter break and most of my friends were away with family. for some reason, I love Easter time but not because I'm too crazy about Easter egg hunts but just because it truly feels like spring is here and it will be warm and green soon and its just time to spend with family. obviously, brands are coming out with Easter collections and the only one I was truly interested in is the lush one. so in todays post, I'm showing you what I got from the lush easter 2018 collection.

so last year, I wasn't too crazy about the lush easter collection and I was a bit disappointed to be fair but this year it looked a lot better. the first thing I spotted in the store was a bubble bar looking like a goldfish. its the Poisson d'avril bubble bar. this little red fish contains cinnamon leaf and spicy black pepper oils and with dark moss absolute as a scent its right up my street. it's very spicy but also earthy and green. its very lovely and I can't wait to use it. one product that looked a bit plainer than the others but smells heavenly is the April showers bath bomb. it looks quite plain but its supposed to turn the water into a lovely purple colour and scent wise it as everything I love. cedar wood, cypress oils and tonka beans. it also contains shea butter to make my skin silky soft and I love it. a classic lush easter item I get year after year and every year I hate how messy my bathtub is after is the golden egg. it makes everything god and glittery and is the golden egg. it contains Brazilian orange and honey to make it smell extra lovely. so they got rid of the fluffy egg last year and everyone got a bit upset so they made the cream egg this year. a bubbleroon that comes in different colour versions and I got them all. the blue, the pink and the yellow. now, the scent I'm not too sure about. is supposed to be mint chocolate and I thought of the thundersnow that was around in the Christmas collection. it smelled divine but since the cream egg contains spearmint oil it's a bit too strong for me as I don't like peppermint scents at all but I hope it fades a bit and the shea butter and cocoa scent come through a bit more.

so here we have my picks from the lush easter collection 2018. do you have some of the items on your wishlist or have you tried some yourself?


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