my loves, its time again: Christmas! not quite, its still November but Christmas decor sneaked their way into shops, people started their Christmas shopping, festive treats are available at any store and Starbucks is back at it again with their toffee nut latte. I also have started to sort through my Christmas decor and started shopping for new decorations too to get this show on the road. its my favourite time of year, also content wise and this year I truly took time out to plan ahead. with work up until the 20th, celebrations with friends and family and my urge to enjoy the period as much as I can, I still want to get as much content up as I can and this is the introduction to it. so brew a tea, get your Christmas jumper out and buckle up, it's about to get very festive up in here. if you want to wait till December, just come back and binge read all I have been cooking up for far. I can't wait.

switching things up

I was asked on Instagram to do a post about how I change up my content as the seasons change. to be fair, it's not always easy. I cherish every season and love the change it brings. it gives me the change to be seasonal with my content too and to be true, it sometimes makes me want to go overboard. since I started blogging, I got even more invested in seasonal activities and specialties. I like to plan ahead and mindmap ideas I want to become reality. whilst winter content starts after the new year for me, Christmas is all about feeling festive, gifting and holiday fashion. choosing fitting probs and locations is a must for me and since I started using Lightroom, I like to create presets fitting for the season and general colour theme and vibe I want to create and the Christmas one is the one I used on the photos here and I love it.

making plans

christmas time is truly beautiful but it's also very stressful. it comes with many parties to attend, shopping to do whilst keeping up with normal life too but I'm in high hopes to manage to be productive but also have enough time to just enjoy. I want to bake cookies, go to all Christmas markets, go on long winter walks, enjoy my time at home as well as celebrate with friends and family. I already have plans to watch a show with my boyfriends family, attend a festive afternoon tea, have a gift giving with my friends and my work Christmas party is coming up too. december truly should be longer.

the schedule

my idea always is to get posts up twice a week and over the past year, Tuesday and Thursday seem to work very well with me which is why I want to keep that schedule up with a mix of gift guides as well as other festive posts. I know not everyone is a big gift guide lover but I love creating them and I love reading them. they are just so festive and truly mean Christmas has arrived in the blogging world. because I don't like putting them up very close to Christmas there will be a few more around mid-November and I hope you don't mind. it's not all gonna be gifting around here...

countdown to Christmas

if you have been around for a while, you might now that I used to do a series called Sunday Mood which was a weekly roundup going up every Sunday. I stopped doing them when I wasn't feeling the series anymore and wasn't sure if I wanted to continue doing them. I honour of my Sunday Moods and because I just love Christmas, I will be doing a Countdown to Christmas every Sunday rounding up the week, what I was up to and I think it will be very fun to write and look back on. if there's anything you want me to talk about in particular, let me know.

my outfit

jumper: H&M
leggins: primark
boots: primark
bag: primark

location: Coburg, Germany

what about you? are you excited and preparing for Christmas? please let me know. 



winter is coming, for sure and when it comes to styling during the coldest season, I find myself struggling a lot. winter can be very dramatic and very cold here. icy winds, temperatures below -10 as well as frozen lakes and snow. its beautiful and I'm certainly grateful that I get to experience all the seasons where I live, it makes not looking like a marshmallow as soon as its getting colder very hard. I won't lie to you, during the really cold days I refuse to wear anything but my huge winter coat and either ugg boots or the fur-lined doc martens but when moving slowly into winter, I try my best to keep my styling game strong and warm at the same time. denim is a must for me all year round but moving into winter, its basically the only thing I want to wear as I find denim very comfortable, high-waited off course, and it keeps my legs warm as well as being easy and versatile to style around looking good and not freezing to death. 

1. Perfect Denim

There was a time when I refused to wear jeans. I thought they were uncomfortable, restrictive and not very flattering and looking back, I feel like I haven't found the perfect denim fit back then because now, its all I want to wear and denim became my safety blanket, it just always works. High-waisted jeans is a must for me and these days, I like going for quite thick denim and even though I like a pair of mom jeans in the summer, straight leg or skinny is my choice as soon as it gets colder. There are many options for affordable denim but investing can be just what you want. As for colour; I either go for blue jeans or straight up black. you can shop some of my faves from trilogy here.

2. The Coat

I like to confess that I have a serious coat addiction. They are my favourite clothing piece to buy and to wear and to be fair, I have to wear one 90% of the year and I like to have fun with them and really make them the focus of my outfit. Whilst I find certain coats don't work with dresses or skirts I have, denim and a good coat, no matter the colour or style always works wonders. I went for this very fun checkered coat for my distressed blue jeans but a tailored black or military-inspired coat would look so chic with black jeans and truly pull the whole look together and go from quite casual, which my outfit totally is, to work appropriate. 

3. The Jumper Game

I love to wear playful and really feminine shirts but when it's getting colder, I have to go for a jumper and I have loads of them and I love wearing them all. From very basic ones in neutral tones to fun and thick knits. They are essential for me and for work, I like to go for high-quality materials but basic colours and designs. For a more casual look, I still prefer neutral colours but with a twist. this h&m one is so soft and white just works for me all the time but the back detail is what makes it fun and exciting for me. its one of my favourites.

4. Don't Freeze

As much as I love styling my outfits ahead, sometimes it won't happen the way in wanted it too because its too cold or too rainy so adding an extra layer or changing into something to fit the climate can be necessary. A pair of thermals works wonders under a pair of jeans as well as layering when it comes to jumpers and shirts. investing in a good paid of denim to keep you warm instead of having icy legs is a must sometimes.

my outfit

coat: tkmaxx
jumper: h&m
jeans: zara
shoes: primark

what about you? how do you style your denim into winter? please let me know.


this post was kindly sponsored by trilogy 

Did somebody say November? Where did time go but also, let's get out the Christmas decorations, am I right? Even though I still like to enjoy November as Autumn mostly, it's also a month to reflect and be still for a while before the craziness of Christmas hits us. I'm not a summer baby at all and really prefer more moderate temperatures and I also find all other seasons to be much more exciting and colourful. autumn always feels like a fresh start to me and instantly grounds me. its so cozy and really makes me fall more in love with my home. it makes me want to spend time by myself doing DIYs, decorating but also exploring my surroundings preferably with my family and boyfriend. it's a beautiful season and actually, there's nothing like the golden autumn sun shining through bright yellow and orange leaves. it's magical. so let's talk about 4 good things that happened this autumn.

1. 'Tis the Season

I love taking part in seasonal activities and really going all out with every season and this year, I made a bucket list with everything I wanted to do. I started with apple picking which was one of the most fun afternoons I have had all year. Not only it is very therapeutic, but it also made me enjoy seasonal fruit and its also very picture worthy. always a plus when you are a blogger. I also made it to a pumpkin patch, did a haunted hayride and decorated tons of pumpkins for my home and went to a Halloween party. can it get any better? topped off with tons of autumnal wood walks, it was perfect. 

2. Autumnal Fashion

is there anything better than autumnal fashion? I feel like every store comes to there truest form in autumn and if I had never ending funds, I would have to rent a whole new flat just for my clothes. I love everything this year. corduroy, knits, leopard and over knee boots as well as bold autumnal prints such as this beautiful h&m dress which is part of the morris & co collection. the print is a statement but the muted colours make it work for me and it's so beautiful and flowy. how can you not love dressing up in autumn?

3. Time for Family

October is a month for family time as it's my mums birthday on the 1st and my granddads birthday on the 31st. it's basically a month of family celebrations. as a family we not only celebrate with a lovely dinner or afternoon tea, we like spending a whole day together in order to create memories which ultimately is the most valuable thing. for my mums birthday, we went to a garden to find some inspiration for the new family home and for my granddads birthday, my sister and I invited him to a day at a museum and went to one of the berlins most famous currywurst stands and it was beautiful. my family is probably one of the things I'm beyond grateful for.

4. Being cozy at Home

as soon as autumn hits, I get out my blankets, pillows, and candles. its just the best and spending an evening by myself with a big cup of tea or hot chocolate is just what I need. I feel way more comfortable at home as soon as its getting colder. maybe its because my flat isn't boiling hot anymore or maybe its because there's something so calm about this season. I didn't do any major changes to my flat but I decorated it according to the season and I plan to do the same this Christmas. I can't wait.

my outfit

dress: H&M
shoes: Primark

what about you? what good things have happened to you this autumn or what do you still have planned? let me know.


well, that's the kind of question you either don't like to get asked or don't like to ask yourself. it's also a question that could cause some serious controversy. its a time of change in fashion and luckily, we are slowly but hopefully surely moving away from only portraying one type of model. always wearing the same small size, having the same look and features. it's about being inclusive and diverse. there probably is a huge spectrum of sizes now from very petite to plus and I always struggled to find a part of the spectrum for me. it's the grey middle part which probably most women and men fall under. even though I'm not a big fan of labeling myself or in fact anyone and the whole clothes sizing drama can be quite triggering for me due to mental health struggles, I came across the term "mid-size". never heard of before, never thought about it much but something clicked for me. am I mid-size? what is it even and should I even care? so let's talk about it!

what is mid-size?

it's basically neither petite nor plus-size. it's the middle which most people are. mid-size is a term which refers to clothing sizes 10-18 mainly. its the middle of the sizing spectrum if you want to say so and its represented in most fashion stores except h&m. I literally have clothing in about 6 different sizes from h&m and they all fit which just is not okay but that's beside the point. whilst petite and plus size options can be lacking and usually have dedicated section like Asos petite or curve, mid-size is widely available. yet, it's not the most represented sizing when it comes to advertisement. I'm 5''3 and wear between a size 10 and 12 which means I fall under the mid-size umbrella but I still am on the shorter side but even though I'm not the tallest, I would refer to myself as wearing and styling mid-size fashion.

What does that mean?

In general, it does only mean that there is more than being petite or plus size. there is a middle bit as well. so now, "skinny privilege" has been thrown around for a while and whilst I despise the word skinny to describe someone's body, the general idea of said privilege is that most high-street stores only cater to a very limited size range and even if they do size 16 and up, it might only be a very limited amount of clothing which ultimately aren't to everyone's taste and kind of dictate a way of dressing. whilst most mid-sizes can be found in every store sizing varies and a girl wearing a size 14-16 might be struggling still as stores such as h&m have the weirdest sizing out there and really only fit a small range of people. 

does it even matter?

sizing can be a difficult subject and certainly be a trigger. it used to be for me and probably still can be. for some reason, I almost got a relaxation out of finding out that there is more than just being petite or plus size. there's a middle and that's fine. it also for me can be a step further in accepting who I am. I have hips and boobs and I used to feel absolutely horrible about myself and it has taken years and years to accept me. at the end of the day, your size doesn't matter and doesn't define you but it can be a true hurdle and something that can put a little downer on a shopping trip with friends. I have been there and I know its painful.

there's more!

it's time to show the diversity and make sure to show not only one type of body. we might come up with more terms than petite, mid-, or plus-size. when I talk to my friends there are only a few who never beat themselves up about their size or the way their body looks and I have no idea where exactly that toxic relationship comes from but I sometimes wish there wasn't size or body pressure as I'm sure I would have a much better relationship with myself so celebrating diversity is the way to go.

my outfit

Dress: Zara
Bag: Zara
Shoes: TK Maxx

Photography: hummingbird photographs

what about you? what do you think of sizing? does it matter? do you fall under mid-size? let me know your thoughts.


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