learning new skills and learning about the unknown is one of my favorite things in this life and I must say, over the years I have learned so much. something I needed to learn for university or school, other things I learned for pleasure and there surely is much unnecessary knowledge I have. one of the best things is not only learning but also perfecting a skill. I find many skills might come to one naturally and they perfect it over time, most you can acquire through hard work and loads of practice and I always hope there are a few things that I'm really good at. even though I'm proud and happy about the skills I master or still am about to perfect, there are few I just wish I came naturally to me or had some sort of talent for or maybe just had the time and dedication to perfect it. I'm pretty impressed by skills my friends have that I wish I was better at or wish I had poured my all in but it wasn't made for me so let's talk about skills I wish I had.


drawing and painting are some of the most fascinating skills one could have and I have quite a few friends who are very, very good at it. the skill to create beautiful art with just a pencil leaves me speechless most of the time. I would describe myself as quite an artistic and certainly creative person but drawing and painting is just something I'm not good at and it's a skill I've never managed to master at all. I only took very basic art classes in school and always admired the drawings of some of my very talented classmates. to be honest, I don't think its a skill I will ever truly get into, let alone perfect but still, I wish I was very good at drawing.


so don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about dancing with your friends on a night out and just having fun because my friends still go out with me which means my dancing can't be all that bad but there are plenty of very, very talented dancers out there and just have to admire their skill. the way they know their body and have a feeling for rhythm and music is just beautiful and there is not even a specific genre I prefer, everything from ballet to modern to hip-hop and any kind of street dance. it's all beautiful and yes, I can dance in the club but that's about it. maybe I will get into it at some point as I took dance lessons when I was a kid but for now, I'm admiring all the dancers from afar.


patience is key sometimes and it makes life much calmer. I know I have gotten much better with it but patience is something that doesn't come easily to me and I basically want everything to happen immediately. sometimes I just got to wait things out and let them happen. I know everyone gets impatient sometimes and gets fed up with slow progress but I know many people who master this skill so much better than I do and I admire them beyond belief. I just need to make sure waiting things out and seeing what happens is better than freaking out because I'm so impatient. 


this actually is a skill I make my mission to learn in my life. something about calligraphy makes me feel so calm and its so fascinating to see. you can create so many beautiful art pieces with it. I know there are classes which you can book and learn the skill and I so want to it at some point. I can only imagine the beautiful cards and prints I could create with it and maybe even utilize the skill for my blog and social media too. it's a skill I really want to learn and master.

my outfit

Dress: Primark
Scarf: Primark
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Primark
Boots: Primark
Bag: Primark
Glasses: Ace&Tate

Location: Britzer Garten, Berlin, Germany

are there any skills you wish you mastered or you want to learn? please let me know.


My Home is my safe place. its where I feel most comfortable. I can recover from a long day and enjoy a slow evening, host guests and just be. I'm more than grateful to be able to live in my beautiful prewar flat with tall ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors and all be beautiful wooden windows. when I walked in to view it, I fell in love instantly and knew it was my home. that was 4 years ago and I can't quite believe how long I have been here and how happy I still am with my place. my boyfriend actually helped me move in and it was just a few months later when he unpacked his boxes too and all of the sudden, without big planning or hunting for places together, we lived in the same flat. it was a one if the best days and looking back, I can't believe how easy going we were about it. I love living with my boyfriend, don't get me wrong but living together is not a big glittery cloud of love and happiness. it's bickering, negotiating and ultimately making it work. it's a great adventure and most days, its a big sleepover with your best friend but other days you might just want to be by yourself. I can only speak for myself and how it is living with a man so it might be different for you, but lets talk about what living together really is like:

no prime time

there's a concept about dating and the time you spend together when you don't have a joined living space and its what I like calling "prime time". usually, when you are in a relationship but have separate places to live, you decide when you want to see each other. how many times that is up to you. when you are in the sweet, sweet honeymoon phase it's basically every free second and when you had the busiest week of your life, it might be just an afternoon or the Saturday night date and sleep over that kept you going all week. it's your prime time. you actively choose to spend time together and it's cherished. when you feel too tired, stressed or are in the worst mood or simply want to be by yourself, you can be and that totally fine and in a good relationship is respected by your partner. when you live together, there is no prime time unless you actively set prime time but you will see your partner after the worst day of work, after a bicker with your sibling, when you have the worlds worst migraine and when you don't want anyone around you because you live together. yes, being with the person you love can help you lift the bad moods and can be just the support you need but it can also stress the hell out of you. its a case of serious learning when your partner needs your words of wisdom and when its just better to be quiet and let them be and especially, in the beginning, it can lead to some arguments and is something everyone has to work out for themselves and oh boy, has it taken us some snapping and adjusting to find out what's right. 

all the mess

so I can only speak for me being in a loving relationship and living with a male so if its different when living with the same gender or any other way, feel free to let me know your experience but god, i did not know that my partner and also my friends boyfriends have no idea about simple household chores. doing a simple load of washing can become a crisis by thinking its okay to add a bright red t-shirt to a load of white blouses or washing a pure wool jumper regularly. it has all happened in my house. I didn't know that when my boyfriend installed is other girlfriend, his ps4, I would have practically adopted a toddler. I don't know how many times I had to remind him to wash is lunch Tupperware so it won't mold or that its no crime to put his cereal bowl into the sink before leaving for work. I had emergency calls from him asking if its normal that the whole washing machine is filled with foam and bubbles because he literally put half a bottle of Ariel in it. its kind of cute but sometimes the infinite socks on the floors and the good work pants that just get dropped as soon as he comes home and probably would stay there with perfect wholes to put the feet back into until the next morning or eternity just tip me over the edge. why do I know how to take care of my flat and my male partner doesn't or does he just not care? we have come a long way since he moved in but there are still little errors happening and leave my boyfriend absolutely confused and me gobsmacked. for us, set chores he just does work best and introducing new ones slowly are the way to go and that straight up sounds like I'm raising a puppy and not living with a grown man. there are still things that don't work with my boyfriend. food shopping is one of them because it always looks like we are hosting a kids birthday party after.

learn to respect

to me, respect is one of the main factors of a good relationship and not only a loving one. respecting others opinions, their needs and respecting what someone feels comfortable and not comfortable with is a need for me to not only thrive in a relationship but also to just be able to stay with someone. needless to say that I couldn't live together with someone when I feet any lack of respect. living together means respecting your partner in a whole new way and it can be a task to tackle. it starts with the way someone gets ready for bed or work. maybe in a way you wouldn't do it yourself and for me, took a while to understand and work out how we both can have a peaceful and energizing morning as well as a relaxing evening. it also means respecting someone's needs of lone time and I need loads of that. I knew my boyfriend and I could live together when I was able to have lone time when he was in the room with me, in fact, he's sitting on the other end of the sofa right now and we haven't talked in about an hour but it's not an uncomfortable silence. we just like having lone time and just doing what we please without being interrupted by each other. we both aren't all too social when coming back to work and our conversations usually start about an hour, maybe two after we both got in from work. we had to learn to respect each other in that way. maybe you need conversation right when you come back home or don't need as much lone time but that's what you have to find out for yourself and learn to respect even more.

it's a constant compromise

there used to be a show on German tv which was basically all about young couples for friends moving into their first flat together and it showed the whole moving and renovation process. I always loved my interiors and even back then, seeing young men installing displays for their toy car collections or football trophies they won as a 6-year-old. said displays would always be in the hallway or living room and it gave me absolute horrors. don't get me wrong, if my partner would win the Olympics, I would build a whole room to display this success but we take our interiors very seriously over here. luckily, my boyfriend pretty much lets me do whatever I want but there are still a few things I would have different but it just won't work. its all about compromising about everything. if it was for me, I didn't need a huge tv and no big sound system, ps4 with tons of games and what not but my boyfriend loves it and he should have it his home. maybe we can negotiate again because a place with a man cave sounds very good to me but for now, it's all good. the constant compromise comes with it and although it can be tough, its worth it.

my outfit

Dress: H&M
Boots: Primark
Bags: Primark

Location: Steglitz, Berlin, Germany

do you live together with your partner? what have you learned? What are the challenges you had to face? Please let me know.


there are many reasons why I'm excited for the last months of the year and one of them is lushs seasonal collection. they do Halloween and Christmas just so well and when I saw their ranges being available and had a mini freak out. baths just are better during the colder months and there's something so magical about lush gift sets and the anticipation of what amazing products they come up with for this year. when I had a lovely Saturday out with my parents, I popped into lush, not really expecting to find christmassy products. I was more on the hunt for their Halloween stock. last year, it wasn't in late September so I was very surprised to not only find the Halloween products I was looking for but also Christmas stock and this year they really went all out. there will probably be another lush haul closer to December and my lush boxing day sales haul will be on fire but for now, lets take a look at what I bought this time around and I hope you share the excitement for more festive content but don't you worry, we will be back to autumn asap.

so the Halloween product I was on the look for is the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar. it's my favourite from their Halloween limited edition. it looks so adorable, creates beautiful bubbles and the little bit of glitter just makes it even better. it has a very lovely, slightly woody scent and makes for the perfect pre- or post-Halloween bath to defrost or just relax. I prefer bubble bars to bath bombs but I had to get the perle de sel bath bomb. it just looked too beautiful to leave. its plain white with gold nuggets on the top and it was a very interesting scent. it contains sea salt and rose and almost has a salted caramel scent without the heaviness that caramel would add. I can't wait to use it. next up is the candy cane bubble bar which just looks like Christmas and even better, I doesn't smell minty. i have a weird thing with minty scented things and most of the time can't handle them so I was very pleased that this one has the very sweet and not sickly scent that peeping Santa had. it's beautiful and because its such a classic lush Christmas scent it always makes me feel pretty festive. lush keeps bringing out different versions of their bubble spinners which I find to be such a weird but also cute idea. I had to get the snowflake bubble spinner. it just looks so adorable and actually not too christmassy. it has a very fresh citrus scent and I hope it will create perfect bubbles in my bath. so the last one I got is not only covered in glitter and will make an absolute mess in my bath but it just looks so cute and the scent is my favourite. its the little puddy holly. the perfect little Christmas pudding. it smells of marzipan and cocoa butter. its incredible and I can't wait to use it.

are you a lover of lush's seasonal stock? if so, let me know if you tried any of this year's products and which ones you are most excited about.


aren't autumn and winter the best seasons for beauty products? the excitement of seasonal stock such as candles, gift sets and calendars is brewing up. everything is packaged nicer and you can actually put makeup on and enjoy it rather than it sliding down your face. I also enjoy pampering and intense skincare sessions more because a stormy day and raindrops on your window just make for a cosier setting. I even had to get my wool socks out again to keep my feet warm and toasty. I already had a look at the seasonal lush stock and I haven't been as excited in a while. for now, I try and keep it autumnal with beauty rather than accidentally getting full on Christmas too early. whilst looking through my beauty stash, I found a fair few pumpkin themed or named products and what's more fitting for the time? nothing. so in honour of autumn truly starting I thought I would share said products with you. its currently storming outside and I couldn't feel cosier of I tried.

when I got into beauty, sleek blush palettes and sleek blushes, in general, were all the hype. to be fair, I still love them today and think there's nothing like them especially for the price. one blush palette is not only very autumnal when it comes to the actual shade of blushes, but the names are also very fitting. its the Sleek blush by 3 in pumpkin. the shades inside are lantern, squash and p pie. does it get any better? the names alone make me want to use it this time of year and knowing that I like the quality too makes it even better. another sleek product I really love comes in super handy as I'm a big fan of orange lipstick. not only in autumn but all year round even though I feel more drawn to it when it's actually getting colder. the sleek eau la la liner in pumpkin is the perfect true orange which I also wear by itself is my go to when I want a very clean orange lip. it actually is the perfect pumpkin orange. one of my favourite oranges to wear has to be the Jeffree Star velour liquid lipstick in pumpkin pie. it was part of a holiday collection and its beautiful. its the perfect true burned orange with teeny tiny flecks of shimmer. the shimmer doesn't take away from the matte illusion but adds such a lively detail to it. I'm obsessed with it and Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are just the most comfortable to wear.
so, the lush halloween collection is out and I will go ahead and get myself a ton of sparkly pumpkin bubble bars but I still have two pumpkin products for my pamper time and I couldn't not share them. one I actually haven't tried as I'm saving it for the ultimate pamper evening. its the too cool for school pumpkin 24k gold mask. it just sounds so good and I can't wait to use it. the other one I have used already and loved too. it's the too cool for school pumpkin sleeping pack. it's an overnight hydrating and exfoliating mask. I love an overnight mask and I don't have to watch the time and wash it off. it left my skin feeling super soft and nourished after which is always lovely and it makes me feel so autumnal too.

so here we have some beautiful pumpkin-themed products and I love to use them all. are there any pumpkin products you love? please let me know.


when it comes to outdoor activities, most people will probably think about summer as being the perfect season to do so but not me. the only thing I want to when its hot and sticky outside is either hide inside or go for a swim as summer here seems to be either monsoon style rain or unbearable heat. when autumn finally rolls around and the weather seems to get a lot kinder, I feel its the time to enjoy the outdoors but also get cosy inside too. its the time to enjoy the slightly warmer rays before winter arrives and with the seasons changing, there seem to be so many lovely activities to do by yourself or with friends and family indoors and outdoors. I have really been loving this year's arrival of autumn and I figured I would share a few of my favourites with you. none of them will cost you a fortune and if you are into your social media, they will probably make for ideal photography setups. I really like capturing it too but also it's about enjoying the season and making the most of it. 

1. apple picking

this was part of my autumn bucket list and I ticked it off. my friend and I went to a self-picking farm and farm shop and not only were we the only ones there, but we were also greeted with rows and rows of apple trees with millions of bright and ripe fruit. the very warm summer made for a great apple harvest and due to the heavy sunshine, they became even sweeter and bigger. it was beautiful and not only is there no entry fee, but I also paid about 2,50€ for almost 4kg of apples and made a fair few cakes out of them. being surrounded by nature and eventually climbing into the trees to find the ripest fruit is such a calming and grounding sensation. I felt so at peace and genuinely happy when we left. its the perfect activity to do outdoors and then bake a cake or cook homemade applesauce after. it would also make a really cute date. 

2. DIY & Decor

with autumn comes conkers, acorns and other fruits of nature. when I was little my mum went on long walks with us collecting everything we could find and use it for DIYs and decor around the house. it was the idea to bring the outside and the new season in. it was always great fun except for the time when my mum wanted to make little animals out of conkers which involved drilling in them and they all crumbled apart and it didn't work. my mum is very impulsive and she had a little freakout. I have been seeing such cute DIYs with pinecones lately and really want to give them a go. I also might try doing a makramee wall piece. just sitting, listening to music and working on a little DIY is perfect after a long day at work.

3. Bonfire

one thing I love about summer is barbecues and spending long nights outside. doing a little bonfire is the perfect chance to wave goodbye to summer, warm up around a fire and roasting marshmallows on it. my boyfriends' dads birthday is in latSeptemberer and we usually do just that. it's so beautiful and one of the last chances to enjoy their garden to the fullest before the temperaturs drop. I would love to gather around a fire pit with some of my friends and I hope I can make that happen. the only downside is clothing catching the scent of smoke and not the lovely smokey scent of wood, it's the nasty almost suffocating smell. so make sure to hang your clothes outside after and wash your hair before going to bed.

4. Pumpkins

there's nothing more autumnal than pumpkins. I like using them for decor and obviously carving them is a must. we usually pick out a few and do different designs on them to be displayed in front of my flat and also my parents' house. its always a bit of a mess but the outcome is worth it and the ultimate way to celebrate autumn and Halloween. I usually wait with the actual carving until its almost Halloween as pumpkins tend to get mouldy quite easily. I actually can't wait. Its the perfect way to celebrate halloween for me as going trick or treating is not really an option anymore and the Halloween party I used to attend went a bit downhill over the years. I hope we can find a good party to attend because dressing up is so much fun. 

my outfit

Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Primark
Sunglasses: Quay Australia (via Topshop)
Lipstick: Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood

Location: Neumanns Erntegarten, Potsdam, Germany
Photography: Hummingbird Photographs

Are there any activities you love doing in autumn? please let me know!


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